??, N 5552
à jour au: 2022
1985 plan Eivind AMBLE, Hero 70


1985 Mini Ton Cup: 3e/??, Erik Otterstad, Audun Goksøyr and Christen With

1986 11 September, Mini Ton Cup, Italy: 1st/??, Erik Otterstad, Audun Goksøyr and Christen With

1987 Mini Ton Cup: 1st/??, Espen Guttormsen

1988 Mini Ton Cup: 2e/??, Bjorn Loken

Bjørn who skipper for many years to come, and the winning streak has not ended with various different crews.

2019 Refit

Withcie, NOR 5552

2022 June, https://www.finn.no/boat/forsale/ad.html?finnkode=262314400 :

For Sale The boat is in Norway, State Used Type Sailboat, Brand Hero Model Minitons, Year model 1985, Length in feet 22 feet Width 250 cm Depth 175 cm, Johnson Engine type Outboard Motorstr. 3 hp Fuel Gasoline Weight 830 kg Reg. Number NOR 5552 Color White / gray,
Selling my nice mini tons with a long and incredible regatta history. Do not think there are so many boats out there that have two gold, one silver and one bronze in the World Cup. Want to sell boat and trailer together. But I have put a price on the different elements. If there is someone out there who just wants a boat, then there may be opportunities for that. Boat and sail from 2020 and older NOK 70,000. Mainsail unused from 2022 NOK 20,000. Harbeck hangs 30,000 kr.
Here you get a very nice boat with good equipment and a trailer for NOK 120,000. It is ready to sail immediately. Here you have the opportunity to buy a very good, small sea sailor and regatta boat with a long and exciting history. The boat is a Hero 70 designed by Eivind Amble and built by the trio: Erik Otterstad, Audun Goksøyr and Christen With in 1985. This trio won bronze in the WC in 1985, with won the WC in 1986. Espen Guttormsen won with the boat in the WC in 1987. In the WC in 1988, the boat won silver with Bjørn Løken as skipper. The boat decided to win regattas with Bjørn who skipper for many years to come, and the winning streak has not ended with various different crews. (Source: Seilmagasinet)
When it comes to the condition of the boat itself, a good effort has been made to keep it as original as possible. The boat was stripped all the way down and dismantled keel / rudder and rebuilt in 2019. But deck equipment, ropes that join, running / standing rig, row supports and voice bars and braces inside the boat have been replaced. The mast tube itself is original, but is very nicely made and is in perfect condition. The boat had painted hull but now the hull has gelcoat. The sails are from 2020. Mainsail, jib, genoa (two pieces one light and one medium), and mainsail unused from 2022, spinnaker from 2016, but there are also some older sails from 1986 and 87 with the World Cup stamp as a curiosity. Wireless log / compass. TicTack on mast. The boat is a nice 3.5 Johnson with internal fuel tank. The engine is overhauled, starts easily and runs fine. The Harbeck aluminum trailer is very nice to pull after the car, and is well placed on the road both with and without load. It fits the boat perfectly. Since the boat has a center lift, it is easy to lift it up in the trailer. The boat's width is 2.50 and it is the legal width to travel on the road.
The boat is polished, waxed and new-fabric, and is ready for sailing. Located Fredrikstad