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Doug Peterson:



Air Affair US Chaser 29 197?, 197? Strait of Georgia Race, 136NM: 2e/?? IOR, Kit Davidson;
Picture from Facebook 2021,

K? Peterson ?, 1977 EDHEC: ?e/?, 1978 Cervantes Race: 4e, Aurore: DNF;
Aquatic NED Peterson 31 1976, renamed "La Belle Jans";
KA 2237 Peterson 1978 built at Coal Point Lake Macquarie, 1978 1st May, "Austral" and "Deception" in Toronto bay. Deception trailing is a Doug Peterson 1 tonner and Austral a Doug Peterson Half tonner", from Facebook 2021;

From Facebook 2023 Phil "We had good racing against P30 Austral in the Adams M33 Liberty with sails also made by Hugh Treharne."

Blue Panther F Peterson ?, 1979 Nouméa-Port Vila: 9e/13 IOR, Philippe Rothery;
Buccaneer K 911 Contention 30 1977, 1977 Mai, Cervantes Trophy: 3e/5 Classe V, Saffery-Cooper, Tour de l'ile de Wight: 4e Classe VII;

Café Racer KA Sm 104 Peterson 30 197?, ex "Ragar", 2023 Based in Melbourne;
Picture from Facebook 2023,
Callibistris F? Peterson 1974;
Cardinal Sin
US 49400 Peterson North Star or Chaser 29 197?, 2022 Still sailing in Long Beach;
picture from Peterson Facebook,
picture from Chaser 29 Internet page,
Casablanca KA H 69 Peterson 30 197?;
KA Peterson 30 197?, 2023 October, "Belmont Bay, Lake Macquarie, Australia";
Picture from Facebook 2023,
Contented Sole K? Contention 30 ?, 1978 Seine Bay Race: 2e; 1979 1er Cowes-Dinard et Semaine des Minquiers;
Contentius Frog K Contention 30 ?;
Country Girl IRL 5577 1977;

Equinoxe K? 1974;

Fair American USA Peterson 197?, 1975 Half Ton Cup, Chicago: 19e/30, 1976 FORA, Florida: ?e/??;
Fascination F 7321 Contention 30 ?,
Fiction KA 2153 Peterson 30 1976;
Firulette II
A 1012 Peterson 30 1975;
Florin K 3270Y Contention 30 1978;
Foxy Lady CAN 34142 Chaser 29 1974, 1er Half 75;
Freedom US Peterson 197?, ex "Scorpion";

Gambit US Peterson 197?, 1975 Half Ton Nas: 4e/?, Half Ton Cup, Chicago: 16e/30, 1976 Half Ton Nas: 4e/?;
Green Dragon K 511 Peterson ?;

Half Measure KA S 999 Peterson 197?;
Hooded Man K Contention 30 ?;
Hortence CND Chaser 29 197?, From Facebook 2022 "Vancouver(ya,I know I'm a slut!) but it was called "Hortense" We won V.A.R.C. boat of the year a couple of times. And the last go-round with two different owners too!" & " "Hortense" was pretty successful on the race course of the years";

Justice V US Chaser 29 197?, renamed "Orange Krait";
US Peterson 197?, 1980 Half Ton NAs: 4e/?;

La Belle Jans NED Peterson 31 1976, ex "Aquatic";
Ladybug US Peterson 197?;

Mistral K Contention 30 ?;
Mouth US Peterson Chaser 29 197?;

North Star G 21 Peterson 1974;

Oooh Noo!! USA 8866 1977 Peterson 31, dériveur;
Orange Krait US Chaser 29 197?, ex "Justice V", From Sailing Anarchy "From the series that will never die. Where are they now? Here is my Dads boat - Orange Krait, a Peterson Designed Chaser 29 built to the IOR rule (originally named Justice V from RCYC) - has been part of the family for as long as I have been alive. The boat was never stock – modified right out of the shop in ’75 raced hard, de tuned for cruising, then set up for PHRF racing at Bronte Harbour Yacht Club. We sailed her so much over the 30 years on Lake Ontario most of the non-skid completely wore off and we recently did a complete re-fit. I still can’t believe I spent my vacations cruising on her sleeping in pipe births, they seemed so much more comfortable back then. In this photo we are leading in a TGIF race using some vintage matching sails just for fun – sorry for the bad sail trim I wasn’t alive the last time the blooper was flown on the boat. - Anarchist Cam";

Ragar KA Peterson 30 197?, renamed "Café Racer";
Ran ? ? 1975, 2011 for sale, lying in Spain;

Scorcher K Contention 30 1978;
Scorpion US 67627 Peterson 197?, renamed "Freedom";
Sly Fox CAN 34142 Chaser 29 1974, ex "Foxy Lady";
US Peterson 197?, 1979 MORA Fall Series: 1er/??, Larry Edenso;
Picture from Facebook 2023,
Sugar Magnolia
US 13777 Peterson 1974, 1974 Half Ton Cup, La Rochelle: ?e/48;
HTC 1974,
Sylla F 7147 Contention 30 1977, 2003 navigue à Brest, 2007 à 2012 à vendre;

Tarantula ? Contention 30 ?;
Tonka ? Chaser 29 197?, renamed "Taz";
Taz ? Chaser 29 197?, ex "Tonka",
From Facebook 2022 "sails out of Sodus Bay YC - Lake Ontario now days, still very competitive";

Vivace US Peterson 197?, 1976 SDYC Ton Cup: 1er/?? HT, 1977 SDYC Ton Cup: 1er/?? HT;

White Cavalier ? Peterson ?, 1977 South Pacific HTC: 8e/14, Warwick Caldwell;
Willem Tell K 5290 1975;

Xeito ESP Contention 30 ?;


2023 June, from Facebook, Michael Deck "47 years after leaving the factory she still stops my heart",




Peterson 31, Picture from Facebook 2022,

Production boats:
Chaser 29
, Canada, built by Chaser Yacht Inc., Ontario, from 1975 to 1976, Length Overall 8.9 m Waterline Length 7.9 m Beam 3.1 m Draft 1.7 m Displacement 2,994 kg (Comment from Facebook 2022 "Design later bastardized without credit to Peterson as Buccaneer 295 and US 30.");
Contention 30, Southern Ocean Ltd (UK), Peterson, 1977-78, or "Santana 30";
Davidson 29, Peterson, présent à la HTC 90;
Peterson 30, ?, Peterson, 1975, or "Cavalier 30";
Picture from Facebook 2023,
Peterson 31
built by Sunship

and drawings,


1975 "Seahorse" magazine,

1977 February-March "Offshore" magazine,

From Michael Blaxell (2020), "for a Peterson half ton design, to be built in Sydney, to have you ready for the 1/2 ton cup in Sydney later that year. I presume they built Fiction. The prediction of the winning Peterson formula was a little misplaced."