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Buckaroo, US
à jour au: 2022
1986 Plan Frers, built by Goetz (#38) 38'


1986 Owner Bill Koch

???? New owner and new name:
Jeannette, US 440646

2005 15 September, Rolex Big Boat Series, San Francisco: 12e/35 IRC, Henry KING
Berkeley Friday Nights: ?e/??
Mast lost

2006 IRC: 1.086
2 May, The Great Vallejo Race: 2e/9 PG10, Henry KING

From Internet, One Ton Class Facebook 2014,

2022 April, from Facebook "Always thought this was one of the most beautiful boats here in San Francisco Bay, Jeannette, a Frers 40, still actively racing. Sadly, I know I would never be able to afford owning and campaigning a boat like this." &
"The new Jeannette started life as Buckaroo, a Frers 40 built at Goertz's for Bill Koch in 1986. Like all lovely ladies, her good looks had a price. "These are very difficult boats to sail," says King. With his crew — Nic Mason, Betty-Jane Luzietti, Eugene Luzietti, Ian O’Leary, Richard Vermeij, Laura 'Dr. Laura' Watt, Vivienne Fagrell, Mark Van Selst and Ingrid Liebald — he embarked on a training regimen in 2005, racing the Berkeley Friday Nights and a few other races to learn the boat. The learning curve included losing a mast late in the season. It was replaced over the winter along with beefier blocks, deck gear and new sails for San Francisco's famous summer breeze."