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Buckaroo, US
à jour au: 2022
1986 Plan Frers, built by Goetz (#38) 38'


1986 Owner Bill Koch

Picture and the 2 comments from Facebook January 2023 "If I photographed a boat back in the 1980s I can usually tell you at least the name, size, and designer/builder. And the event. This one stumped me. Other than knowing it was either Spring Series or Fall Series on Long Island Sound."

"It is Buckeroo the Frers 40. The recessed runner winches & the closed companion way with the Ocam displays are a unique. It was in Cleveland on Lake Erie in 1993-95. The keel, and rudder were replaced. The motor turned 180 degrees from a puller to a pusher prop. The companion way was opened up. From Cleveland it went to San Diego to a gentleman named Joel in late 1995 after leaving Block Island."

1993-1995 Based on Lake Erie

1995 New owner

???? New owner and new name:
Jeannette, US 40646

2005 15 September, Rolex Big Boat Series, San Francisco: 12e/35 IRC, Henry KING
Berkeley Friday Nights: ?e/??
Mast lost

2006 IRC: 1.086
2 May, The Great Vallejo Race: 2e/9 PG10, Henry KING

From Internet, One Ton Class Facebook 2014,

2019 Picture from "Latitude 38",

2022 April, from Facebook "Always thought this was one of the most beautiful boats here in San Francisco Bay, Jeannette, a Frers 40, still actively racing. Sadly, I know I would never be able to afford owning and campaigning a boat like this." &
"The new Jeannette started life as Buckaroo, a Frers 40 built at Goertz's for Bill Koch in 1986. Like all lovely ladies, her good looks had a price. "These are very difficult boats to sail," says King. With his crew — Nic Mason, Betty-Jane Luzietti, Eugene Luzietti, Ian O’Leary, Richard Vermeij, Laura 'Dr. Laura' Watt, Vivienne Fagrell, Mark Van Selst and Ingrid Liebald — he embarked on a training regimen in 2005, racing the Berkeley Friday Nights and a few other races to learn the boat. The learning curve included losing a mast late in the season. It was replaced over the winter along with beefier blocks, deck gear and new sails for San Francisco's famous summer breeze."