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Xara, ? ???
à jour au: 2020
1974 Plan Stephens, Swan 38 # 006,

Xara, GBR 123

2002 21 juin, Round The Island: 13e/36 IRC classe 9, TCF: 0.943
5 juillet, Cowes-Dinard, elapsed time 1j05h50', 64e/103 IRC overall, Jonathan ROLLS

2004 4 juillet, Cowes Dinard St Malo Race, elapsed time 1j10h48', 143e/208 IRC, Jonathan ROLLS

2004 Cowes Dinard St Malo Race: DNF, Jonathan ROLLS

2005 1 juillet, Cowes Dinard St Malo Race: 2j01h52' elapsed, 88e/215 IRC Overall, Jonathan ROLLS
Rolex Fastnet Race elapsed time 5d00h42', 6th/263 IRC overall

2007 Cowes-Dinard, en 1j06h49' temps réel, 126e/194 IRC ttc
Channel Race: ?e/?? IRC ttc

Fastnet Race: DNF, Jonathan ROLLS

2008 Round The Island: 18e/65 IRC 3B

2009 18 july, Cowes to Weymouth JOG Offshore Championnat: ?e/..

2013 Swan Europeans, Cowes: ?e/??
Pictures from SwanClassics website,

2015 2 mai, Cervantes Trophy: en 23h57' temps réel, 38e/110 IRC, Coeff IRC: 0,938, Jonathan ROLLS
23 mai, Myth of Malham Race: en 2j03h21' temps réel, 74e/144 IRC
5 juin, De Guingand Bowl Race: en 21h04' temps réel, 6e/86 IRC
27 Juin, Round the Island Race: en 7h30' temps réel, 17e/496 IRC et 15e/172 IRC 3
1 aout, Channel Race: en 15h00' temps réel, 5e/83 IRC en 20h47'
16 aout, Rolex Fastnet Race, 607': en 4j06h25' temps réel, 16e/309 IRC overall, IRC: 0,938
4 septembre, Cherbourg Race: en 11h05' temps réel, 5e/55 IRC
RORC 2015: 12e/536 IRC Overall

2016 19 avril, Crewsaver Warsash Spring Championship: 10e/13 IRC 4, Jonathan ROLLS
2 juillet, Round Around Island: 7h38' elapsed, 50e/469 IRC overall
8 juillet, Cowes Dinard St Malo Race: 1j07h58' elapsed, 32e/77 IRC Overall
6 aout, Cowes Week: 2 - 6 - (30) - 30 …. = 21e/27 IRC 6
14 aout, Ile d'Ouessant Race: 3j15h23' elapsed, 22e/36 IRC Overall, Jonathan ROLLS
RORC 2016: 60e/344 IRC Overall, 128.4 pts

2017 13 mai, De Guingand Bowl Race, elapsed time 19h12': 22e/76 IRC Overall, Jonathan ROLLS
27 mai, Myth of Malham Race: DNF/126 IRC Overall
1er juillet, Round The Island Race, elapsed time 8h16': 127e/445 IRC, 13e/44 IRC 3B
7 juillet, Cowes Dinard St Malo Race: elapsed time 1j09h26', 31e/146 IRC Overall
22 juillet, Channel Race: elapsed time 1j05h25', 7e/95 IRC ttc
29 juillet, Lendy Cowes Week: 17 - 2 - dnf - dnc - dnc - dnc = 20e/24 IRC 6
6 aout, Rolex Fastnet Race: temps réel 4j16h13', 51e/311 IRC ttc, Handicap: 0,938, 4e/83 IRC 4
Picture from boat's Facebook page:

RORC 2017: 44e/528 IRC

2018 7 juillet, Round the Island Race, 11h13' elapsed time: 28e/41 IRC 3B
5 aout, Lendy Cowes Week:  7 - ocs - 11 - 12 - 11 = 8e/21 IRC 6

2019 4 mai, Cervantes Trophy Race, elapsed time 1d02h27': 52e/105 IRC Overall, Jonathan ROLLS
8 juin, De Guingand Bowl Race, elapsed time 19h54': 3e/67 IRC Overall
29 juin, Round The Island Race, elapsed time 12h55': 26e/354 IRC
3 aout, Fastnet Race, elapsed time 4d01h52': 127e/334 IRC Overall, handicap: 0,939

2020 1 aout, Race the Wight, elapsed time 7h55': 8e/121 IRC Overall, handicap 0,919, Jonathan ROLLS
September, Home Ports Regatta, JOG Yacht Racing: ?e/??
Picture from Facebook,