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Delicate Balance, CND 40201
à jour au: 2010
1985 Plan Jeppesen, X OT


1987 48 North's Boat of the Year, had two First Overall finishes on the long course of West Vancouver Yacht Club's Southern Straits Race

2008? refit,

2010 3 July, Vic-Maui race: DNF, Pierre COTE

Comment from Facebook 2022 "Delicate Balance, I raced on her in the 2010 Swiftsure and the Vic-Maui. She has water ballast now so no need for rail meat."

From Facebook 2021 "I raced on her when Roy Gunsolus owned her. 2 time Straits winner A fantastic boat, owners and crew. I went on to race with Roy and crew for 10 years or more. We went on to the SC50 "DB" and the Andrews 56 "DB". Sadly, Roy passed away from complications of Parkinson's recently It was like family and although we moved on to new programs we all will agree it was something with Roy & Barbara and their "DB"'s. The X-1 ton ended up in Vancouver and a dentist owned her but he had a penchant for losing 3 boats out of not paying moorage. It's in VRC now that has been tarted up now but it's about you need 4 people to sail it";