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??, US 40740
à jour au: 2019
1985 Plan Jeppesen, X 402


Brandilee, US 40740
New owner: Steve Nadeau,

1996 Cove Island Race: 11e/14 PHRF 4, Steve NADEAU

1997 Cove Island Race: 3e/17 PHRF 4,

1998 Cove Island Race: 12e/14 PHRF G en 57h35',

1999 Cove Island Race: 12e/17 PHRF G en 57h24',

2000 Cove Island race: 13e/21 PHRF F en 53h30',

2001 Cove Island race: 9e/21 PHRF F,

2003 Cove Island race: 14e/19 PHRF E en 50h53', Steve NADEAU

2004 Cove Island race: 6e/16 PHRF F en 46h54',

2006 Cove Island Race: 7e/13 Cruising A,
17 aout, Farms Boat Club August Race #3: 1er/?? PHRF
Picture from Farms Boat Club website:

2007 Cove Island Race: 3e/16 Cruising A en 59h16',

2008 Cove Island Race: 7e/14 Cruising A en 33h37',

2011 Bayview Mackinac Race: 6e/15 Cruising A Class, Steve NADEAU

2014 Cove Island Race: 26e/128 Division 2 en 38h19'
13 septembre, Bayview Yacht Club Long Distance Race: 4e/7 A Sail

2015 Picture from One Ton Class Facebook

2016 Picture from One Ton Class Facebook, "sails ot of Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Detroit",

From "Brandilee is a 1985 "War Horse" sailed by skipper Steve Nadeau and his loyal crew since 1993. Steve and two other crew became Old Goats in 2011. This is the skippers'and loyal crew Dave Hands 29th consecutive Mac Race together. Brandilee races out of the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club."
16 juillet, Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race: 1er/7 Class F
26 novembre, Cove Island Course: 2e/7 Class F, 46h50' elapsed time

2017 22 juillet, 93rd Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race, elapsed time 39h08', 4e/6 Class 1 Cruising Class, Steve NADEAU

2018 14 juillet, Bayview Mackinac Race, Cove Island course: 1er/11 Class I, elapsed time 65h28', Steve NADEAU

2019 August, Bayview Mackinac Race: 6e/12 Class K elapsed time 49h51', Steve NADEAU