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Alliance, D 2000

1983 Plan Jeppesen, X One Ton built by X yacht

1984 One Ton Cup, La Trinité: 10 - 8 - 14 - 13 - 4 = 8e/24;
From Internet, One Ton Class Facebook 2014:

Alliance, IR 2000
Imported from Denmark. new owner: George and John Sisk,
Fitted a newly designed ellipptical keel to improve the boat's perrformance
May, Irish Team Admiral's Cup Trials: ?e/7 not qualified, SISK

One Ton Cup, Poole: 35e/38,
from Internet...
Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2019,"IR-2000 Alliance rounds in second place behind race winning yacht Jade",

November "Seahorse",

???? Lost in Hurricane Charley

Comment From Facebook 2020: "Sank in Dunlaoire harbour when a moored coaster broke free and a piece of the hull hung in BJ Marine on the quays"