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Arbitrage, US 18550
à jour au: 2019
1985 Plan Jeppesen, X One Ton Mk I #6, built by X yacht

March, launched
September, Big Boat Series, San Francisco: ?e/??, rating: 30.5, Bruce STONE

1986 August, new elliptical keel and rudder

1987 March "Yachting", For Sale

April "Latitude 38",

July, North American One Ton, Chicago: 19e/19, NEILE & McNELLY
Picture from Facebook 2016, "Arbitrage Chicago"

2011 2 juillet, WYC AIS LSYA Around the Islands Race: 16e/24 PHRF, Mike MOYLE

2015 April, pictures from One Ton Class Facebook,

July, received mails from 2 differents persons with the ship name, "Arbitrage", "She is sailed from the Duluth Yacht Club in Duluth Minnesota, and races regularly on Lake Superior"

2016 2 juillet, WYC/AIS Around the Islands Race: DNF,
4 juillet, WYC/AIS Bayfield Race Week: 9e/9 PHRF, Mike MOYLE, (Duluth)

2019 Décember, from Facebook, Nate Dexter: "Raced on an x 1 ton a few years ago. Unfortunately the owner passed and the boat will need to be scrapped due to hull damage. You can see the boat in action in my cover photo." Possible, yes, but cost prohibitive. The owner before the last one neglected the boat for years. I don't have pics of the damage but long story short due to the owner's declining health the boat had standing water inside that froze when on hard storage. There are several cracks through the hull at bulkheads. It would require major structural repair."
??: "So she is a total loss... Buy her cheap... Put her in a shed... Get the hull back in its original form and use epoxy etc. te repair the cracks ... A lot can be done with labour and inginuity! Would make an interesting Youtube restoration sequence!