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Tina, US 2270
à jour au: 2011
1966 Plan Carter, Tina


1966 One Ton Cup, Danemark: 1er/24
Octobre "Nautisme",

1967 19 juillet, One Ton Cup, Le Havre: 2e/21, E. STETTINIUS
Septembre "Neptune Nautisme",

28 juillet, Channel Race:
5e/16 Classe IIIa en 40h24'
Fastnet Race: DNF/25 Classe IIIa

1969 20 juin, Morgan Cup: 3e/? Classe III
Fastnet Race: 4e ou 5e/?? Classe III en 146h57', E.R. STETTINIUS


Same boat??

2005 All pictures and dates are from Gerard Gerry Maguire Internet-Facebook 2020,

16 August, Killybegs, "This was the 1st week when Tina went into the harbour after her transportation from the USA, safety rails were fitted later year 2005"

26 September,

2007 10 November,

14 December,

2008 16 April,

2011 27 April,

19 juin,