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Sunmaid V, K 1991
à jour au: 2019
1967 Plan Stephens, built of wood by the Clare Lallow yard of Cowes

1967 19 Juillet, One Ton Cup, Le Havre: 10e/21, Guy BOWLES
"Les Cahiers du Yachting",

Photo et commentaires extraits d'un livre de Beken Of Cowes:

2015 Ready for launching following her refit at Draughtsman Racing yachts at Barton on Humber.
From One Ton Class Facebook,

20 juillet, Panerai British Classic Week: 7 - 8 - 3 - 10 - 4 = 5e/18 Class 3, Coef IRC: 0,917, Barrie J MARTIN

2017 From One Ton Class Facebook: "Tom Richardson and Julian Everitt photographed by Jonty Sherwill looking at the magnificent 1967 S&S One Tonner Sunmaid V at Elephant Boatyard prior to a lunchtime discussion about getting together a revival class for RORC, CCA and IOR offshore racers of all sizes.",

8 juillet, Panerai British Classic Week: dnc … - 8 - 6 - 3 = ?e/12 Classe 2
July, Cowes Classic Week: 1er/9, Lawrence WRIDE
For Sale, Still in very original trim – and we believe structurally sound, SUNMAID V is an exciting prospect, needing a refit to put her in sailing condition. For the aficionado what she really deserves is the full appreciation of this unspoilt starting platform for an immaculate restoration – taking into account also the quality of her original build and that she has not been sailed hard for many years. The excitement is in all original fittings and that near sister CLARIONET wiped the board in her class at the British Classic Yacht events in Cowes this summer.
History: Two boats were built to this RORC One Ton Cup design - another example of further development of the CLARIONET design #1857 featuring the separate skeg and rudder in vogue at the time. SUNMAID V was built of wood by the Clare Lallow yard in Cowes and launched in 1967. She was very substantially built both for the sake of her rating but also drawing from the experience of ROUNDABOUT – in retrospect thought to have been too lightly built and with no noticeable advantage on performance.
Owen Parker, the sailing master on the Sunmaids developed twin pole gybing and the use of separate spinnaker winches during his time with Guy Bowles. In the mid 1980s the McIntyre twins asked Owen Parker, with whom they had always kept in touch, for his advice on upgrades that would be best for SUNMAID. He recommended and organised the self tailing winches for all sheets, the head foil and sails to be by North Sails. Otherwise SUNMAID has been kept as original as any teething problems had already been ironed out in the development and build of these boats.
Construction: - Honduras mahogany 1 3/8th inch carvel close seamed planking from a single tree, - White oak frames and spruce stringers, - Bronze chain plates - which run right down to the keel. - Teak laid deck over marine ply; Sparkman & Stephens 37 ft One Ton Sloop 1967, Designer Sparkman & Stephens, Builder Clare Lallow Cowes, Date 1967

2018 Noted as Sold
14 juillet, Panerai British Classic Week: (7) - 3 - 7 - 2 - 3 = 4e/9 Classe 3

2019 16 juillet, vu à Cowes, photo reçue de Pierre

Picture from IOR, RORC & CCA Ocean Racing Classes Facebook 2020,