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Sparkman & Stephens

Liste des bateaux:

Al Nair IV I 4565 Stephens 1967;
African Queen ? Contessa 38 1974, ex "Assassin";
America Jane II US S&S ? Aluminium;
Arcadia F Stephens 1969 en bois verni;
Ardi I 4807 Stephens 1968, ex "Kerkyra II";
Assassin K 3647 Contessa 38 1974;
Asteria FIN 6 Gaia 36 S&S 196?;

Boambillee S 51 S&S 1968;
KA Sparkman & Stephens No. 2159.2 1973 built by the Sangermani shipyard, 1973 6 septembre, One Ton Cup, Porto Cervo: 17e/24;
1973 Novembre "Neptune Nautisme"
US 37377 Sparkman & Stephens 1972, 1972 5 December, One Ton Cup, Sydney: 5-5-12-10-11 = 9e/15;
1972 December "Offshore",

Carolina III L 105 Stephens Design 1710.C-39, Wooden prototype used as plug for the Swan 36 series in fiberglass, hull number 000, 1968 15 juillet, One Ton Cup, Heligoland: dsq-12-18-14-9 = 16e/22;
Clarionet K 195 Stephens 1966 Clare Lallow Yard of Cowes;
Columbine US 11500 Stephens 1970;
KZ S&S ?, 1971 25 February, One Ton Cup, Auckland: 10e/17;
Cybele F 4224 Stephens 1967;
Cygnet Of Mourne IR Swan 36 ?,

Diana III Y 110(Danemak) Stephens 196? construit en bois, déplacement: 10 tonnes;

Dictator K 3646 Swan 38 1974 #3;

Escapade KZ 1194 S&S 1970 built in aluminium;

Finola IR Swan 36 ?;
Firelock 37919 Yankee 38 ?, 19?? Winner One Ton class LAYC Midwinter Regatta;
Picture and information from Facebook 2020,
Following Wind K 3711 S&S 1975 built in Penryn, Cornwall, cold moulded, renamed "Juniper";

Golondrina I 4702 Sparkman & Stephens 1968, ex "Ojala";

Hestia H 536 Stephens 1959;
1975 Aout "Voiles et Voiliers", Hestia est noté à l'étrave, mais est-le même bateau?

Jettebeth IV Danemark Y 111 Stephens ?, sister ship de "Diana III", 1966 One Ton Cup, Danemark: 4e/24;
Juniper K 3711 S&S 1975 built in Penryn, Cornwall, cold moulded, ex "Following Wind";

Kerkyra II I 4807 Stephens 1968, renamed "Ardi";
1968 Septembre "Les Cahiers du Yachting"
Kerkira IV Italie Stephens 1970;
Khamsin J Stephens 1971, ex "Sunbird II";
Kishmul S 1268 S&S 1970;
Knockout SWE S&S Contessa 38 1973, ex "Victoria", renammed "Mantra";

Landfall ? 2755 S&S ?, 2015 Seen on Racing Boat list;
Lightnin US 11434 Sparkman & Stephens 1971 Aluminium built by Minneford Yacht Yard of City Island, New York;

Mach II Brésil S&S 1975, 1975 1er septembre, One Ton Cup, Newport: 10e/20;
Madrifa Italie Stephens ?, 1975 Semaine de Gênes: 4e/18 OT, Giraglia: 5e/29 Classe III;
Maligawa F 6615 S&S 1974 Huisman / Berthon ex "Wanton";
Mantra SWE S&S Contessa 38 1973, ex "Knockout";
Maria KA A 12 S&S 1970;
Maria Giovanna II I 4869 Stephens 1968;
Maria Van Diemen
(KA) 135 S&S ?, 1967 19 juillet, One Ton Cup, Le Havre: 18-dnf-18= 20e/21, Sydney Hobart: DNF, dismasted, Peter Hill, 1968 Sydney Hobart: DNF, Peter Hill;
1968 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

Mark Twain KA SM101 Sparkman & Stephens 1971;
L 120 S&S Design 1948.1, 1968 15 juillet, One Ton Cup, Heligoland: 10-10-10-10-12 = 9e/22;
Picture from Facebook 2021,
Morningtown K 2355 Stephens 1968;

Neusis ? Condor 37 197?, 2023 Comment & picture from Facebook "After 4 years in dry dock, finally on the water, S&S Condor 37";

Nini Suéde Sparkman & Stephens 1966;

Ojala I 4702 Sparkman & Stephens 1968, renamed "Golondrina";
Ojala II K 4702 Sparkman & Stephens 1973 Builder: Royal Huisman, aluminium;
Ornella I 5739 Sparkman & Stephens No. 2159.1 1973 built by the Sangermani shipyard, 1973 6 septembre, One Ton Cup, Porto Cervo: 19e/24, 2015? seen on Italian Sailing boat database, based in Triestre;

Panther KZ 101 S&S ?, 2011 19 février, RNI Leg 1: DNS, 2012 25 février, Two Handed Round New Zealand Leg 1: 10e/10 PHRF elapsed times, 1j02h41', Leg 2: DNF;
2014 One Ton Class Facebook
Pathfinder KZ 1347 Sparkman & Stephens 197?;
Paxos Italie Stephens 1973, 1973 construit par Marina Spacarelli qui choisi son plan Carter "Ydra" pour la OTC, 2015 June, One Ton Class Facebook: Paxos S&S 35 for sale in San Remo, she is a beauty and need some tlc
with this picture:

Pilgrim KA 226 Sparkman & Stephens 1971 évolution de "Kerkyra IV" construit en stratifié par Doug Brooker de Sydney;
Polycom Stormy Petrel KA 508 S&S Design #1948 1970, ex "Stormy Petrel";

Quickstep NZ 2181 Sparkman & Stephens 1975, 1975 Southern Cross: ?e/?? Team New Zealand, including Sydney Hobart: 34e/102 elapsed time 2d11h26', H. Smith;
1975 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",
Picture from Facebook 2023,

Rainbow II KZ C 96 Stephens ?;
Roundabout K 800 Stephens 1966;

Sarnia IR Stephens 1966, she became the Swan 36 design;
Stargazer IR Swan 36 ?;
Stormy Petrel KA 880 S&S Design #1948 1970 built in wood;
1971 "New Zealand Weekly News", from One Ton Class Facebook
Sumbra III I 5643 S&S No. 2159 1973;
Sunbird II J 1111 Sparkman & Stephens 1971 built in mahogany;
Sunmaid V K 1991 Stephens 1967 was built of wood by the Clare Lallow yard of Cowes;
Suraya KA Stephens #1710 1967;
Swarte Swaen ? Contessa 38 1974, ex "Assassin";
Sylvia II F Sparkman & Stephens 1966 sister ship "Diana", construit par Ziegler, 1966 Mis à l'eau trop tardive pour la OTC, 1e Semaine de la Baie de Seine: 1er/?, B. Esders;

Tarantella L 107 S&S Design 1710.C-49 Swan 36 hull number 001 first glassfibre hull, 1968 15 juillet, One Ton Cup, Heligoland: 13-18-12-6-14 = 11e/22, 2014 present sail number: FIN-36001;
Thunder B 3339 Sparkman & Stephens Contessa 38 1973;
Tina Of Melbourne S 3 S&S 1968 built by Henk Groen for Barry and Emmy Scott;

Victoria ORS 202 S&S Contessa 38 1973, ex "Winsome V";
Victoria SWE 202 Swan 37 hull number 012 original sail number S-202;
Volonté F 4396 Sparkman & Stephens 1967 built by Sylvestro;

Wanton K 3633 S&S 1974 built by Berthon in aluminium, renamed "Maligawa";
DK Stephens ?, 1967 19 juillet, One Ton Cup, Le Havre: 11-15-dns= 15e/21, Elvstrom;

Whisper US Sigma 38 S&S 1969 boat builder Cheoy lee;
Winsome IV K S&S Design #2121 built in aluminium by Huisman 1972;
Winsome V K 775 Sparkman & Stephens, Contessa 38 de série, mais vide 1973, renamed "Victoria";

Young Nick NZ 1185 S&S Design #2035 built in wood by Brin Wilson 1970;


From Facebook 2023

From One Ton Class Facebook 2019: "RORC One Tonner, North of Gotland in the Baltic sea, summer of 1971. Sparkman & Stephens design #1895 (launched 1967)"


2018 Novembre, "Voiles et Voiliers", quel bateau ?? Kerkira IV Italie Stephens 1970??

1977 Février "Voiles et Voiliers", quel bateau ??


Production Boats:

Contessa 38, plan Sparkman & Stephens, chantier Jeremy Rodgers, UK.
Swan 36, Builder: Nautor, from 1967 to 1970
Swan 37, Builder: Nautor, from 1970 to 1974
Swan 38, Builder: Nautor, from 1974 to 1979
Tartan 37 (Builder Tartan Marine, USA from 1976 to 1989, 486 built) or Condor 37 (Builder Midocean Marine Penryn, UK from 1979), LOA: 11.70 m;


Comment from Yachtworld boats for sale page 2023 January:
1967 Classic Sparkman & Stephens Sloop:
The n. 1710 drawings from Sparkman & Stephens have been the most successful ever in their production: it was produced by 17 different Yards. They say that it derived from the design of the famous Hestia. In fact the rudder attached to the keel was already outfashioned by the famous Clarionet, Rainbow and Rounabout, issued from drawings n. 1857. Compared to Hestia, the 1710 design has the same dimensions but a longer overall length. It was also thought out to be produced in series as it was commissioned by the Italian Benello yard which built on these plans the famous Gaia 36 range of 16 glassfibre units. Also Cheoy Lee built three 1710 units: the Sigma 36 (the first being 1710/C8). The most famous builder of these boats thought was Finnish Nautor which built her first model, the Swan 36 on these plans (1701/C39), modified with a separate rudder on skeg. Nautor built the first unit in wood, to use her as a mould for the GRP version and that 1710 unit is the only wooden Swan of the history. Other famous boats, built over these same drawings were the Diana III (1710/C6 built by Walsted in Denmark), winner of the 1965 One Ton Cup and Cybèle (1710/C39 built by Poul Molich also in Denmark), third at the 1967 One Ton Cup, both were wooden boats. Bilbao based yard Udondo built at least three vessel using the 1710 design: Fra' Diavolo (1710/C14, owner Mr. Nicolaidis), Asu (1710/C28, owner Mr. Ferrer), which is the boat we are introducing herewith, Nananay (1710/C35). These two follow the lines of the second keel version of the 1710, with a bigger rudder with marked lower corner compared to the Benello built boats, identical to the Hestia hull. As we already wrote, the Swan 36 had a separate rudder with different keel shape and a reversed transom, something which could have been possible (but it never was done) also in the Udondo built boats, as it is suggested in the original plans. To summarize, the 1710 was at the moment the perfect racing boat able to allow the owner also for pleasant family cruises. The Hestia, Diana III and the Swan 36 illustrate this virtue. The Nanany is in very original shape: below decks she has not be modified as the Asu for example and she still presents her ribs behind the minimal but very practical furniture. Her hull seems dry and during the last haul out in January 2021 a soft plank was replaced. She is in need of an important cosmetic work, but structurally she appears sound. Her owner sailed her all over the Mediterrnean waters and along the Atlantic Spanish coast. The Nanany is a great opportunity to acquire a classic boat of noble origins and in very original shape.


From Facebook 2023: Sumbra III A one-tonner designed by S&S (No. 2159) and built by the Sangermani shipyard in 1972 that was originally called Sumbra III. Two other boats were also built based on the same design, again in Italy: Ornella (No. 2159.1) and Bonita III (No. 2159.2)