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Sarnia, IR 226
à jour au: aout 2017
196- Plan Sparkman and Stephens, built in Italy as a one off in GRP foam sandwich which was a revolutionary material at the time. She became the Swan 36 design


1966 Owned by the Sisk Brothers of Dun Laoghaire, Ireland,

1970 Beaumaris to Belfast leg: 1er/?? overall,
( information from 'To sail the crested sea' by W.M. Nixon, Dublin, 1977)

1978 ISORA Race Week: 6 - 8 - ret - 11 = 9e/14 Div A1
1 July, Dun Laoghaire-Holyhead Race: ?e/10 Class III, IOR: 25.4', R.S. DIX

Picture from John O Regan, Facebook 2019,

20?? Fine restoration job done

Sarnia, IRL 2260
1er juillet, Round Ireland Race: ?e/?? IRC, Michael CREEDON

2008 ISORA, 5/6 races: ?e/?? IRC, Michael CREEDON

2009 ISORA, 7/7 races: 5e/18 IRC 2, Michael CREEDON

2010 ISORA, 9/10 races: 10e/22 IRC, Michael CREEDON

2012 24 juin, Round Ireland Race: 21e/36 IRC elapsed time 6d10h47', Michael CREEDON

2017 From Vincent D:
"In 1965 my father John G Sisk asked S&S where he could have a yacht similar to the recent Danish One Ton Cup winner "Diana" built and Olin Stephens had design no 1767 ready, both for Swan in Finland, the very first Swan, and also in Livorno,Italy by Benello. The Italian one was ahead in production and in foam sandwich, unlike the Swan 36. I was a student in Holland at the time and I hitchhiked down to Livorno in the summer of 1966, and sailed along the coast on a delivery tripfor the previous boat to Fiumicino, near Rome.  My brothers and I raced our "Sarnia" from 1967 to 1970 with great success, winning two 200 mile RORC races, and placed in our class in several other big races.  Sarnia still sails out of Dún Laoghaire.
My brothers and my father thought of a Freya, to replace Sarnia, which had been out designed by the new S&S 34s, but in the end we went for a radical Finot design "Alouette de Mer", and a few years later, the 43ft "Standfast".
Sadly Benello later committed suicide, and I was unaware how many Freyas were built. I think I still ahve her drawings somewhere. The RORC rule of the time caused pinched in ends, and they tended to roll downwind but were great to windward"
. Written by Hal Sisk of Association of Yachting Historians