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Two boats Design 102, "Salute" & "Challenger":


Salute, ?? ???
à jour au: 1983
19?? Plan Peterson, OB41, Design #102 built by

From Facebook 2023, "Ann Rundle from Doug's office inspecting her at the launching"

1983 Long Beach Race Week: 1st/??
Big Boat Series: 1st/??

From Facebook 2023, "Bill Twist’s old 2t",

Challenger, US 69100
à jour au: 1984
19?? Plan Peterson, Peterson 41, Design #102 built in wood by the owner

1984 Big Boat Series: 4e/??

From Facebook 2023, "One of the most beautifully built timber boats of the early 1980s. Unfortunately it took the owner 3 years to complete her, so by her launch she was a generation behind in IOR thinking. She was still able to take 4th in class at the 1984 Big Boat Series."
Photo courtesy Diane Beeston Archive at the San Francisco Yacht Club. Scan of the negative and touch up by Ian Trotter at Chula Vista Photo.

1994 For sale in Portland, Oregon.