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Response, S ????
à jour au: 2020
1986 Plan Store Sunden, built by McQueen Yachts at Goteborg, in Sweden

1990 Cowes Week: ?e/??
Picture and comment from Facebook 2022 "Here is Response 32 years ago: Cowes Week 1990 playing jousting games after a race finish. The other boat is Marionette - one of many - this one was a Lightwave 395. Photo is mine (incidentally taken from aboard Aida of Brighton)."

"Seahorse", For sale in UK

1991 Spi Ouest France, La Trinité: 11e/12 IOR 1-3, R. FRANKLIN

??, GBR 1687

1999 New Owner Simon Whitehouse

2008 Sold

From One Ton Class Facebook 2016,

Facebook 2021 Simon Whitehouse "I owned her from 1999 until 2008. She was badly delaminating when I bought her. From 2001 to 2003 I took the keel off, removed the engine, turned her upside down, stripped off all the outer skin and foam core, and built a new hull on the original inner skin. I was 19 when I bought her, and had a ton of energy. Wouldn't be able to do it now... I also moved the engine back under the cockpit, extended the coach roof (it originally stopped just aft of the first window) and built a cruising interior. These photos were taken when I happened to stumble on her in a boatyard last year. Pleased to see her still looking good." "the power of social media... I searched high and low for old photos of her 20 years ago, but only had a small handful from the previous owner - who I should add had also done a lot of good work in the direction of the cruising conversion before I bought her. This shot of her in original configuration would have been the holy grail back then... she always was a very pretty and well proportioned boat. Saving her was my life's work for quite a few years, she was definitely loved."

Picture from Braun,

"I can understand that. It was a boat that disapeared from Sweden much to fast. I knew it was laying somewhere in UK as it was for sale 1990 with some ad's seen in Seahorse.."