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Popeye, S ??
à jour au: 2016
1974 Plan Bruce Kirby, built in Sweden

Popeye, EST 128

2020 June, received from Priit Veski from Estonia.
"I checked that you don't have this sailboat on the list yet! This time I have photographed, sailed myself and brought to Estonia from Sweden a former 38-foot 1-toner, a Kruce Kirby project from 1974 and named Popeye. One-off built in Sweden. Almost the same crazy shape as Terrorist US7150, no centerboards. But a horrible strange keel and rudder design! Sailing features - strange! We sail Her double-handed, from Vasteras to Vergi thru Stockholm, Sõru and Rohuküla, 400 nm. Too many winches, very unstable rudder - no line keeping at all etc! Shallow draft - only 1.30 cm !!!! It will be overhauled in Estonia (rotten!) And in the future it will become a cruiser-racer for family. Perhaps with the keel shape and rudder changes, the deck's ergonomics must definitely change." Dimensions 11,5 X 4 X 1,3 X ~18 meters, two spreaders alloy mast. Wood-epoxi core, inside totally rotten! 

4 May,