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Stress, S 7520
à jour au: 2014
1977 Plan Norlin, built with GRP over an Airex core by Sailing Progress

Dossier plus complet sur le site "RB Sailing blog"
Complete file on "RB Sailing blog"

1977 Round Gotland race: 1er/???, Rating: 27.2ft IOR
Channel Race: 2e/22ttc ou 1er!! rating: 27.4, BLUMENTHAM & WINBERG
Cowes Week: 1er/??
Fastnet Race: ?e/47 Classe III

1978 Her bow section was replaced with one with a finer entry, extending her waterline and increasing her rating by 0.3ft.
20 juillet, Skaw Race, Danemark: 1er/?? Classe III
One Ton Cup
, Flensburg (RFA): 1 - 4 - 10 - 13 = 7e/36
Novembre "Bateaux":

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1979 Sold to another Swedish owner, Stephan Brändstedt
Fastnet Race: DNF/?? Classe III, they lost the mast of the boat and had to seek shelter in Cork on Ireland.

198? Round Gotland race: 1er/???,

Sylvia II, S 7520
1984 New owner Johan Listrup and renamed to Sylvia 2
Sjaelland Runt Offshore, Danemark: 1er/13 IOR Class 3.
Gotland Runt: 1er/?? IOR Class 3
Skaw Race: 1er/?? IOR Class 3

1985 New elliptical rudder was built based on the rudder drawings from the Norlin One Ton called Big Foot. Eliptical construction utelised the original aluminium axe and it generated a weight saving of almost 100 kg and far better hydrodynamics.
Sjaelland Runt: 2e/11 IOR Class 3, Johan LISTRUP

1986 Sjaelland Runt: 1er/29 IOR Class 3, Johan LISTRUP
Gotland Runt 1er/?? IOR All Classes

1987 Sjaelland Runt: 2e/22 IOR Class 3, Johan LISTRUP
Gotland Runt: 2e/?? IOR Class 3

1988 Sjaelland Runt: 2e/19 IOR Class 3, Johan LISTRUP

1991 Gotland Runt: 2e/?? IOR Class 3, Johan LISTRUP

Several other victorys was won by us during the years of ownership such as Gordon Gin Cup, Kullaseglingen, Bornholm runt. and numbers of small club races on both sides of Öresund.

1996 Sylvia was sold to a polish citizen be the name Bruno Salcewicz

???? Raced by Polish sailor Kazimierz Kuba Jaworski

???? New owner the polish yachtman Zbyszek Kania, and new boat's name:

2013 "Stress in her more recent configuration, seen here in Poland in 2013 (photo Zbyszek Kania)", Informations and photos from "RB Sailing blog"

2014 May, received from Stephan BRÄNDSTEDT all informations, results and pictures about "Sylvia".