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2 boats, one from 1975, second from 1979:


à jour au: 2014
1975 Plan Ron Holland, built by P. Johnston, Aluminium, L: 10.90m


1975 Original owner: Hugh Coveney
1er septembre,
One Ton Cup, Newport: ?e/20, Rodney PATTISON, Ron HOLLAND,
Abordage dans un triangle et DNS dans la Grande Course.
Vendu aprés la course - Sold after OTC
Novembre "Neptune Nautisme",

1976 SORC, Miami: 2e/19, Guillermo CRYNS
Silver Apple, E 115
One Ton Cup
, Marseille: ?e/43
, Guillermo CRYNS
Picture from "Bateaux" magazine archives,

1977 Semaine d'Alassio: 1er/?

Silver Apple, ? ????

1980' Owned and restored by Tony Van Hee at the R Northumberland yc.

1987 Fastnet Race: 3rd/?? in class

From Facebook 2020, "Damien Byrne asks in the comments below if anyone knows what happened to Golden Apple. We have this pic of her – name changed and E on main which is Spain – written on the back of the photos is – Watson & Jamesons 1979 ‘Trial Horse’, Reaching under 95% Tri Radial, 105% Staysail and Main. OPPS: Butch Dalrymple Smith has corrected us – this is Hugh Coveney’s 1975 One Tonner"

 2022 From Facebook "Falmouth over the weekend. I've seen it in a yard in Torpoint over the winter before".

This boat is not a One Tonner:

Silver Apple Of The Moon, IR 205
à jour au: 2023
1979 Plan Ron Holland, built by Souters Of Cowes, in wood, LHT: 43.70'
Sister Ship of "Golden Apple of the Sun"


Not build as One Tonner

1979 Original owner Clayton Love.
Picture from Facebook 2021,

August, Admiral's Cup: ?e/57, Swiss Team: ?e/19, rating 33.3', B. GUTTINGER
Including Fastnet race: DNF/53 Classe II
Picture from Northern and Southern Ireland racing yachts past and present Facebook 2018,

1980 November "Seahorse",

1985 North East Cruiser Racing Assoc.: ?e/? Div 1 light DSPL, A. VAN HEE

1986 North East Cruiser Racing Assoc.: 2e/? Div 1 light DSPL, A. VAN HEE

???? New owner, and new name:
Rebel County

Picture from Facebook 2021,

???? New owner, and new name:
Silver Apple Of The Moon,

2011 Vu à Buckler's Hard (Beaulieu River) par Bert, en restauration-refit

2013 Not For Sale

2014 Revu à Buckler's Hard (Beaulieu River) par Bert, bateau toujours en restauration au même endroit:

2017 September, From "Seahorse": "the Ron Holland-designed Admiral’s Cupper Silver Apple rots away up the Beaulieu River in England"

2020 20 janvier, picture from Goerge Isted,

31 August, cleaned (From Facebook),

2023 17 September, from Facebook,


1979 Picture from Facebook 2019,

???? From Facebook (2019): "Big Apple sank, off the Channel Islands I think?"