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à jour au: novembre 2022
1978 Plan Ron Holland, built in wood


Sheer Magic, IRL ???

From Andrew Steenson 2019: "Sheer Magic was in Northern Ireland raced by Brian Shaw and crew from Carrickfergus. The picture is from our Facebook group page no idea what year it’s from" ;

???? New owner and new flag,
Sheer Magic, NOR 10232

2006 9 June, Færderseilasen, Oslo: DNS/32 Lys 1,17-21, Nina RAMBOL
25 August, Hollaenderseilasen: ?e/18 Lys 1,19-23

2022 26 June, Marina Fredrikstad in Norway, pictures from Jörgen,

October, pictures from Facebook pages

6 November, For Sale Ron Holland 1 Ton one- off, velseilende, linjelekkert mesterverk bygget av Souters i Cowes 1978, Se bilder på fb : MK Båt AS, innbytte? Ja, ingen problem