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à jour au: 2021
1978? Plan Ron Holland, built by ?? in Maryland

2000 Around New owner and bought to Iceland

Hinrik, ? 15074

2013 Pictures from Youtube,

2021 October, From Facebook Kristinn Halldórsson "I bought this boat recently. I'm told she is designed by Ron Holland as one ton cup Rule 37,5 feet. I'm trying to get further information on the boat if anybody know anything about the boat I would appreciate to have that information. She is built in USA, Maryland homemade boat, she has a number 88NE110 in the keelplast which could be Id number from builder, building year 1974 or 1978, US Hin no is MDZ42733G800. The HIN number say building year 2000 but that is not correct as least we know that."