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Jelik, KH 600
à jour au: 2016
19?? Plan Ron Holland,


198? Modifié par Tony Castro

1982 China Race: 2e/??, Frank PONG

198? Modifié par Pat Pender et Greg Dagge

1988 China Race: 1 - 2 - 4 - 2 = 1er/11 IOR, Frank PONG

From One Ton Class Facebook 2016, "Denzel Horstman Jelik was originally a Holland 40. A couple of years later the owner had Tony Castro design and build new hull, to which the deck, all hardware was transferred to. The old hull sat around HK for some time but then disappeared. the Castro Jelik had a number of subsequent transformations in later life. This photo was taken during the 1988 China sea race Series at which time Jelik rated 31.5 and had a non masthead rig.. KH -1185 is Foo a Beneteau 51."