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Infinity, US 21212
à jour au: 2023
1978 Plan Ron Holland, built by Kiwi Boats


Not build as ONE TONNER, From 1973 to 1983 One Tonner IOR rating was 27.5'.

1978 SORC, Florida: ?e/?? Classe D

1979 February, SORC, Miami: 2e/?? Class D, John THOMPSON
"First and second in Class D were Infinity and Imp, virtual sister ships and also Holland-designed. Infinity is a new 40-footer belonging to John Thomson of Sands Point, L.I."

1980 SORC, Florida: 2e/?? Classe D (including 3 wins!)

Picture from Facebook 2020,

Picture from Facebook 2022,


Same boat???

2022 Pictures from Facebook,

2023 INFINITY Ron Holland design for sale in Richmond California, 1980 built by Kiwi Boats. It was in an accident 8 years ago hull and deck were repaired. Hull and deck in great condition. Interior needs to be created. Engine needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Mast and standing rigging sails or running rigging.