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General Hospital, 29180
à jour au: 2019
1983 Plan Farr #136 built by ?


1984 Pan American Clipper Cup: 2e/?? Classe E, Tom WALINSKI of Honolulu
Picture from Facebook 2020,

1985 September, Big Boat Series, San Francisco: ?e/??, rating: 30.4', Dr Thomas WALINSKI, (Honolulu)

1988 Kenwood Cup: ?e/??

General Hospital, KC 29180

???? Picture from ??

General Hospital, CAN 29180

2002 Picture from Sailing Anarchy Forum

2006 2 October, Sailing Anarchy Forum, Tyler Durden said: "One called General Hospital ended up in Richmond, CA a while ago, has had an IMS-type conversion at some point in its life but kept the 1-tonner rig.
General Hospital is now racing PHRF out of Vancouver. Does OK