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à jour au: 2014
198? Plan Berret-Finot-Fauroux, First One Ton, construit par Beneteau

Polteirgeist, US 40277

1987 July, North American One Ton, Chicago: 13e/19, Al HENNING, Columbia YC
Great Lakes Newspaper,

Poultergeist. Al Henning, Columbia YC Commodore. Beneteau 1-Ton. Al later moved to Racine YC.

Toscana, US 40277

2014 Information from ??...
"Dana and the Sobstad loft were building some exotic mains during this period. Poltergeist was also a Beneteau 1-Ton and had some great sailors on the boat. I later purchased the boat from Al Henning and renamed it Toscana (it was the third of the Toscana's). Al did a couple of seasons with me. But nothing matched the racing that they had when there were 7-15 one tons actively racing in the Chicago Area"
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