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Two Hood One Tonners named "Robin" built in 1968 and 1974:


Robin, US 1999
à jour au: 1968
196? Plan Hood,

1966 One Ton Cup, Danemark: 2e/??, Ted HOOD

1967 19 July, One Ton Cup, Le Havre: 5 - 9 - 19 = 11e/21, Ted HOOD
Photos archives Revue "Bateaux",

August 18th, "Yachts and Yachting",

"Les Cahiers du Yachting"

1968 15 July, One Ton Cup, Heligoland: 9 - 15 - 20 - 11 - 8 = 14e/22, Ted HOOD
Pictures from "Bateaux" magazine archives,

Robin, US 13626
à jour au: 2005
1974 Plan Hood, built by Palmer & Johnson in aluminium

1974 17 July, One Ton Cup, Torquay: ?e/34, Ted HOOD
From Facebook,

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New owner,
Joe Kennicott

1975 1 September, One Ton Cup, Newport: ?e/20, Joe KENNICOTT

19?? New owner, ?? and new name,
Hubbub, US

Sailed to the gulf coast where she raced 3 more decades

2005 Victim of Hurricane Katrina

Comment from Facebook 2022 "Story as I understand it is she was built for the Admirals cup/ 1 ton worlds in the UK. She was loaded onto a ship for transport but the ship broke down and was late for the races. Joe Kennicott bought her soon after she returned. to the US. He then did the 1 ton worlds at Ida Lewis YC on her with my father on board. Then she was sailed to the gulf coast where she raced 3 more decades as Hubbub. She, sadly, was a victim of Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi Ms years back. After selling Hubbub Joe Kennicott became partners with my father on a J-41 US 40417 Vigilante that was purchased from Mike Fisher from Michigan. Joe sailed in 17 S.O.R.C.'s on many types of boats including Doxy a Nantucket 33. Chloe a Carter 37. Hubbub the Hood 1 tonner and others."