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Hylas, K 444
à jour au: juin 2021
1973 Plan Carter, Carter 37 #01 build in Greece by Olympic 

1973 22 juin, Morgan Cup: 5e/22 Classe III en 43h59'
20 juillet, Cowes-Dinard Race, 180 NM: 13e/32 Classe III en 27h17'
3 aout, Channel Race: 13e/24 Classe III en 31h18', rating: 27.9'
Race: 1er/41 classe III en 126h56', D. EDWARDS
Photo reçue de Jurgen Puype en mai 2015,

1974 Le Havre-Royal Sovereign: 3e/8 Classe III en 52h27', EDWARDS
Morgan Cup, 220 NM: 5e/?? Classe III
12 juillet, Cowes Dinard: 8e/33 Classe III

1975 Channel Race: 9e/25 Classe III elapsed time 45h34'
Race: 33e/42 classe III, D. EDWARDS

1976 Channel Race: 5e/?? classe III

1977 Fastnet Race: 16e/?? classe III, D. EDWARDS

1978 New Owner and new Name:
Samantha, H 444

1981 Fastnet Race: 22e/?? classe III, A. P. DUIN

1984 Race to the Azores: ?e/??, A. P. DUIN

1986 Race to the Azores: ?e/??, A. P. DUIN

1987 - 1988 Cruising in Yugoslavia, A. P. DUIN

1989 Skaw Race: ?e/??, A. P. DUIN
Gotland Runt: ?e/??

Fred Duin, "Originally the ship had the short IOR boom and a 160% genoa but in 90 or 91 The boom was lenghtened  with approximately 75 cm and I changed the genoa to 150 %. This change improved the upwind  capacities considerably". 

"I did sail a lot of races with her with a number of first prices. 2x to the Azores in 84 and 86, Round Britain and Ireland race in 91, a Skaw race and a Gotland Runt race in 89 and a number of RORC races on the North Sea."

1991 4 avril, renouvellement du certificat IMS, A. P. DUIN

1992 8 aout, Round britain and Ireland race, Cowes-Cork-Lerwick-Hartlepool-Cowes: 2e/11 Class 2, 349h58' corrected time, A. P. DUIN

1993 New Owner and new Name:
Miles, H 444

2010 Picture from Marine Traffic, Middelburg

2014 Picture from One Ton Class Facebook,

2015 Mai, For Sale-A Vendre aux Pays Bas,

2016 February, For Sale-A Vendre
Picture from One Ton Class Facebook,

February, new owner: Jean-Philippe Pollet
November, from Jean-Philippe Pollet: "We are still sailing in The Netherlands and please find attached two pictures showing her fabulous IOR lines!"

2017 December, from Jean-Philippe Pollet,

2021 June, Saint Malo,