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Indulgence VII, K 8950
à jour au: 1991
1989 Plan Andrieu, construit au chantier B&B, La Trinité, France


1989 Spi Ouest France: 5 - dnf - 7 = 16e/39 IOR, Graham WALKER, Eddy OWEN
Mars, Photos D. Bourgeois, archives de la revue "Bateaux",

Mars, Photos Le Cossec, archives de la revue "Bateaux", 

Avril "Course au Large":

Semaine de Capri: 3e/?,
9 mai, One Ton Cup, Naples: 1 - 1 - 13 - 11 - 13 = 2e/28, Eddy OWEN
... Short offshore race. "Indulgence" was leading that too in the early morning when the dawn breeze brought a group of six, including the Farr designed Brava. In the chase, Indulgence cut too close to the island of Ischia and struck a rock. The crew had to extricate themselves by using the spinnaker pole as a punt to push the boat off backwards. She managed to salvage an 11th placing ...
from "RB Sailing Overblog"

Juin "Course au Large":

Admiral's Cup: 11e/42, et 5e/22 One Tonners, Graham WALKER, UK Team: 1er/14
Octobre "Seahorse", extrait d'une publicité Sparcraft:

Septembre "Mer & Bateaux",

Investa, N 7808
1990 8 juin, Færderseilasen: 1er/8 IOR 1-3, TG. BERG
Aout, One Ton Cup, Marstrand (Suéde): ?e/27,
8 septembre, Hollandderseilasen: 1er/2 IOR 1
Octobre "Seahorse",

Picture from Facebook 2021,

1991 7 juin, Færderseilasen: 1er/8 IOR 1-3, RAAHOLT
Underway to OTC...