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Newcatle Flyer, KA M7
à jour au: 1986
1984 Plan Radford, built by Carina Yacht in FRP/foam sandwich

"Offshore Sydney Hobart Race Program",

26 december, Sydney Hobart: 7e/151 elapsed time 4d11h33', TCF 8025, P. RUNDLE

1985 26 december, Sydney Hobart: 28e/178 elapsed time 4d03h34', P. GOUGH

1986 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 december, Sydney Hobart: 49e/123 elapsed time 4d03h06', TCF 7960, P. RUNDLE

From Facebook 2020,

Comments and pictures from Facebook 2021 "After the Adams 11.9 Newcastle Flyer, Peter Rundle wanted to go IOR to try to win the 84 Sydney 2 Hobart. Joe Adams wasn’t keen but his partner Graeme Redford was, so he designed an IOR with some “Adams” features - a V forefoot and a smother run aft. It was only 38’9” against the Farr 40s and had a smaller spinnaker. But we were hoping for a windward blow and blow it did. Hull was built by Paul Kelly who built Adams boats including 60 A10s"
"It proved to go to windward well but did not run as well as the Farrs. During the 50+ knots an intermediate stay came out of the mast so we had to continue to seaward so we slowed down for 10 hrs and when the wind dropped to 40 knots were able to reattach the stay and start racing again. We came 10th over the line and 7 on hcp.