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Antelope, US 2600
à jour au: 2020
1969 Plan Carter, Tina, chantier Maas à Breskens, Holland, a long cabin built of fiberglass


1972 Bermuda race: ?e/??, Dr HOLLOWELL
"Antelope finishing the 1972 Bermuda race", picture received from Will (2020),

19?? New owner,

19?? New owner, Chris Adams, and new name
Blue Tooth,

1998 New owner, Will Hubbard and new name
Lively Lady II, US 2600

1999 Major refit

2000 Newport Bermuda race: 2nd in the classic division
"Lively Lady at the start of the 2000 Bermuda race after her refit"
, picture received from Will (2020),

2003 Marble head Halifax race: 6th class K

2004 Newport Bermuda race and came: 4th in IRC division 1, 32nd overall

2006 June, Newport Bermuda race: 1st in IRC division 1, 1st overall

2008 20 June, Newport Bermuda race: 7th in ORR division 1, 52nd overall

2009 The boat was in a bad storm and badly damaged

2019 Based in Newport RI USA

2020 November, received from Will Hubbard all information about this Tina and these pictures, "She has been out of the water for the last 10 years but we hope to have her sailing next spring"