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Kalinka, G 1038
à jour au: 2016
1979 Plan Dubois, built by Souters


1979 Hamburg Owner.

1992 New owner: Christian Masilge, based in Berlin, and new name:
Krabauter, G 1038

2005 Warnemünder Woche: 1er/??, Christian MASILGE

2011 Warnemünder Woche: 1er/??, Christian MASILGE

2012 Warnemünder Woche: 1er/??, Christian MASILGE
Round Bornholm:

2014 February, received from Christian Masilge: "She is in a very good condition and located in Berlin, she is still a quiet successfull boat, winning our class in Warnemünde in 2012 and 2011 as well as 2005 and some good results at inshore races in Berlin. The hull lines are identical with "Schwanensee B", the deck is a little bit different and the boat is top-rigged, Schwanensee had a fractional rig. There is still the first mast and rigging in use." and all these pictures:

2016 20 juillet, Mondial ORC, Copenhague: ?e/62 ORC 3, Christian MASILGE