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Road Warrior, US 33533
à jour au: février 2015
1984 Plan Jonstone, J41 #04


1984 April, North America OTC, Annapolis: 2e/8, J. KOLIUS
Bermuda Race : 1er/??
Onion Patch Trophy: 4th/?? Individual

Main Bear, US 33533
SORC: ?e/18 classe 5, GREENBERG

Lorimar, US 33533
Racing mainly in the Cheasapeake Area.

Travesty, US 33533
New Owner.

Solo, US 33533
New Owner.

2008 Jan Kuffel: "I bought J-41 "Road Warrior" in 2008 on Long Island, New York. The boat was a complete wreck, full of water for a couple of years and stripped of nearly all equipment despite the rig. Basically, it was a write-off, but I fell in love with the spectacular lines of the J-41 and decided to give it a go. We fixed her up a bit and sailed her to Newport, Rhode Island, where she was put on a containership and carried to Europe."

2009 " We put her in a shed and renovated the boat over one year, including recoring the entire deck, parts of the hull, reinstall the missing bunks, all wiring and plumbing and installed new hydraulics for rigtrimm. The engine got a full overhaul as well."
"Article attached, as I work as editor for the german yachting-magazine "Palstek" (",
August, The boat is back in the water.
Blind Date, USA 33533
Stamppot Regatta: ?e/??, Jan KUFFEL

2011 ?? Race: ?e/??, Jan KUFFEL

Flavorace: ?e/??, Jan KUFFEL

2012 K+Âln_Cup: ?e/??,

Octoberraces: ?e/??, Jan KUFFEL

2014 From Internet, One Ton Class Facebook:

Racing on the Ijsselmeer

For Sale,

2015 February, Received Informations (in blue) and lot of pictures from the owner, Jan KUFFEL. Currently the boat is lying in Lelystad, NL

For sale. Info see : J 41, 12,40m x 4,10m x 2,20m, 1984, Ligplaats Schepenkring Lelystad, verkoopsteiger, Motor Yanmar 27 pk (20 kW) Diesel, Comfortabele, uitstekende racer, 29 500 Euros,