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High Noon, US 8948
à jour au: 2022
1979 Plan Peterson, built by


1980 Launched
SORC, Florida: 5e/?? Class C
San Francisco Big Boat Series: 2e/?? Class C

Picture from Facebook 2022,

1981 Long Beach Race Week: 3e/?? Class C

1984 Clipper Cup: ?e/?? Class C
From Facebook 2022 "High Noon was in Seattle in the early 80's. Owned by Ben Dembart, I skippered the boat for him, with a great bunch of guys. During Clipper Cup in 84, the design flaw again showed up as the mast tried to push the keel out of the boat. Boat was patched up in Honolulu, and Karen Thorndike delivered the boat back to Seattle. Back in Seattle, Ben had the boat properly fixed with aluminum girder system and deck spreader system, then sold the boat to one of the crew."

1985 New owner,

Photo courtesy the Diane Beeston Archive at the San Francisco Yacht Club,

2007 Based in Port Auke Bay

Pictures from Facebook 2022,

2022 Pictures from Facebook,