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?, K 3851
à jour au: 2016
1978 Plan De Ridder, High Tension 36

Hephzibah, GBR 3851

2006 9 mai, Cervantes Trophy: 4e/106 IRC ttc en 17h10', IRC: 0,947,
23 mai, Myth of Malham Round Eddystone Race: DNF/131 IRC ttc,
26 juin, Morgan Cup Race: 16e/94 IRC ttc en 22h08' réél,
10 juillet, Cowes-Dinard Race: 42e/190 IRC ttc en 1j07h03', David LEES
25 juillet, Channel Race: 19e/71 IRC ttc en 23h24'

2007 Ouistreham Race: ?e/??, David LEES

2008 6 juin, IRC Nationals: 11e/16 class IRC3,
Cork Week: 3e/23 IRC 4,

2009 Cervantes Trophy: ?e/??? IRC ttc,
Myth of Malham Round Eddystone Race: DNF,
De Guingand Bowl Race: ?e/??,
Morgan Cup Race: ?e/?? IRC ttc,
10 juillet, Cowes-Dinard Race: 39e/190 IRC ttc en 1j07h03',
25 juillet, Channel Race: 60e/71 IRC ttc en 23h24',
9 aout, Fastnet race: 1er/30 IRC B en 5j03h59', Coefficient IRC: 0.949, David LEES
picture received from Christiaan Klinkenberg in 2016,

29 aout, Cowes Cherbourg Race: 3e/32 IRC ttc en 10h19', Coeff: 0,947, David LEES
Championnat du RORC: 512,5pts, 6e/440ttc IRC

2010 1er mai, Cervantes Trophy Race: 11e/50 IRC en 21h06' temps réél, Coeff: 0,947, David LEES

2011 30 avril, Cervantes Trophy Race: 32e/106 IRC ttc en 22h04', Coeff: 0,948, David LEES
27 mai, Myth of Malham Race: 13e/125 IRC ttc en 1j12h29'
17 juin, Morgan Race: DNF/71 IRC ttc
14 aout, Rolex Fastnet: 37e/278 IRC ttc en 4j14h14' et 3e/65 IRC 5

2012 Championnat du RORC: 0pts, 283e/283ttc IRC

2015 RORC Easter Challenge: 3 - 1 - 5 - 1 - 2 = 2e/10 IRC Four, Coeff IRC: 0,944, David LEES

2016 Located in Solent, For Sale, The High Tension 36 is a superb fast cruiser or cruiser/racer in the One Ton Cup class. She has won large quantities of silverware for her owner, but is able to be cruised comfortably by two people also. She underwent a comprehensive refit in 2009-2013, including new standing rigging, new Yanmar engine, new electronics, loads of sails, and much more. Probably one of the best examples of this modern classic in ready to go condition. Previously known as "Hephzibah". The One Tonner scene is resurgent at the moment, with a very successful Revival Regatta in Holland this year won overall by a High Tension 36, and an even bigger event promised for 2017, Price 29 950 £.
December, picture received from Christiaan Klinkenberg