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Flycatcher, K 360
à jour au: 2023
197? Plan Sparkman & Stephens, Contessa 38


1974 Seine Bay Race, elapsed time 41h27': 2e/9 Classe III, J.W. ROOME
Le Havre - Royal Sovereign Race, elapsed time 53h19': 5e/8 Classe III
Morgan Cup: 6e/?? Classe III

1975 Channel Race, elapsed time 44h56': 5e/24 Classe III
Fastnet race: 19e/42 Classe III elapsed time 120h54', S. ROOME

1977 6 May, Seine Bay Race: 5e/? Classe III, S. ROOME

2019 Picture by John Green, Facebook,

Flycatcher Of Yar,

2023 13 May, De Guingand Bowl Race, elapsed time 22h18': 6e/83 IRC, 0.938, Henry & Edward CLAY
27 May, Myth Of Malham Race, elapsed time 2d07h49': 53e/146 IRC
22 July, Fastnet Race, 695 NM, elapsed time 5d08h34': 78e/358 IRC, IRC 0.947