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Duences Wild, US 22222
à jour au: 2022
197? Plan Charles Morgan, Morgan 37


1981 SORC: ?e/?? Classe E, Anne GARDNER
Picture from Facebook 2021,
"Anne Garder sailed Duences wild a Heritage one-ton 37 that year all girl crew",

Pictures from Facebook 2022,

198? SORC: ?e/?? Classe E, ??
Picture from Facebook 2022

???? New owner, Sara Cavanah and new name,
The Boat, US 22222

2022 July, From Facebook "Good news! Deuces Wild, the Morgan 37 is NOT in a landfill! She is now called The Boat, and is in Massachusetts. My friend Sarah Cavanah’s neighbor bought her and other than the new yellow paint job, she thought it looked familiar. Sarah and I met in Key West in 1981 after the Ft Lauderdale Key West race. I was on my way to St Pete with Deuces and some friends. The following year she raced with me on Black Star. My dad and his buddies owned Deuces and it was my graduation present to race her in the SORC. Little did I know of the impact it made for female sailors. Letters poured in from around the world asking to crew. Other than our 7, there were only 5 other women that year in the races. Blackallers girlfriend ( can’t remember her name but tall blonde), Christy Steinman-Crawford Donnelly who was DC’s navigator, and 3 chefs. Deuces was a One Tonner built for light air speed and had a tiller. On the St Pete Lauderdale race the biggest cold front of the century rolled down from Canada and sent the 80 boat feet into the Gulf Stream with 20’ waves and an opposing 40 knots! Two boats crashed on reefs and 12 dismasted. The girls faired well and finished 7th in class. But only 2 of us onboard could drive in those conditions so we took short shifts. I remember waking up at the top of a wave and pulling hard to keep the mast from crashing through the hull on the backside. Meanwhile to lighten the mood and remind ourselves we were girls, Eileen Dawson the other driver, came up on deck with bright red lipstick on. Diesel had spilled in the bildge so others were fighting sea sickness. It was a mess down there. When we finished my dad was at the dock with a bottle of Champaign and a grin from ear to ear. Proud papa? You bet! And he was relieved we weren’t one of the casualties. He was a great dad and let me run wild even if (now that I’m a parent I can imagine) he was probably biting his nails off! Thanks Dad. Deuces is not in a landfill, rather being happily sailed around the NE creating more memories. "