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Columbine, US 11500
à jour au:
1972 Plan Sparkman & Stephens, built by Camper & Nicholson



1972 December "Offshore",

5 December,
One Ton Cup, Sydney: dnf - 11 - 11 - 9 - 9 = 11e/15, EISSNER

Comment from 2019 Facebook: "Sparkman & Stephens designed One Tonner built for the 1973 American One Ton team of 1973. I watched the North American trials with Olin Stephens from a spectator boat off Newport. He let me into a very personal secret about the design of Columbine. So enamoured of an earlier Quarter Ton design called the Northstar 500, Olin decided to use the look of the Northstar on the One Tonner. She looked really good with her wide truncated stern, but by then the Doug Peterson Ganbare era had begun signalling the end of the Jumbo One Tonners.";