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Ciaro De Luna, I 10258
à jour au: 2021
198? Plan Schiomachen, built in aluminum by Cantiere Griggio, Italy

1984 Chartered by Ray Roberts
September, Sardinia Cup: ?e/??, Papua New Guinea team: ?e/??, Ray ROBERTS


Pictures from One Ton Class Facebook 2014:

2019 For sale, and comment : "only this screenshot. But it was non in good condition"

2021 October, Facebook "Where is she now: Ciaro de Luna (venetian slang) or Chiaro di Luna (italian) or Moonlight was a fast first generation of 30.5 (one-ton) designed by Ernesto Sciomachen and built in light alloy
he was chartered by Ray Roberts for the Papua New Guinea Sardinia Cup team in 1984. Sadly we broke the very experimental lattice boom in the second race, so that was that.
"I think it is in Venice. Not in good condition"
"Think it was for sale a few years ago, aluminium looked in poor condition,around 5k"