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à jour au: 2021
198? Plan Farr, built by Cookson Boats NZ

1986 Kenwood Cup: ?e/??, New Zealand Team: ?e/??

Thunderbird, ??? ????

2003 Comment from Facebook 2022 "we have got her in Nagoya, Japan in 2003 and brought her to Vladivostok"
New owner, new flag and new name,
Carrera, RUS 22101

2015 12 September,


2018 Sail festival the eighteenth Seven Feet Cup regatta, Vladivostok: ?e/??
Picture from Facebook 2021,

2019 2 September, the Peter the Great Bay Cup, Vladivostok: ?e/??
Comment and picture from Facebook 2022 "Carrera ex Thunderbird designed by Bruce Farr and Alaska designed by Ichiro Yokoyama at "Through storms and squalls: the Peter the Great Bay Cup", Vladivostok, Sept 2 2019, Image courtesy of: Seven Feet"

Pictures from Facebook,