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Indulgence, K ?
à jour au: 2020
1985 Plan Andrieu, construit au chantier Navi Service à Benodet, France


1985 Janvier "L'Année Bateaux",

2 juin, Coule lors des Sélection anglaise pour l'Admiral's Cup.
July "Seahorse",

Aout "Bateaux":

Hager, ? ????
Ex "Indulgence",
Juillet, One Ton Cup, Palma de Majorque: ?e/33,

1989 New owner, ??, new flag: norwegian, based in Marstrand.
Hewlett-Packard, N ????
Boat was updated extensively: changed keel, rudder and moved the engine on the boat.

"Hewlett Packard", Pictures from Andre Braun, Facebook 2020,

1990 Spring, new owner, ??, new flag: swedish,
Comment from John Hägglöf, owner, received in 2019: "In the early nineties the boat was bought to Sweden and ended up on Gotland. The boat was renamed Gotland and new owner did a lot of IMS optimization, removed some IOR curves and repaired the hull aft, rebuilt the cockpit, rebuilt a lot inside the boat and updated a lot of sails. I think a guy named André? Was very involved these years. Generally speaking, you can probably say that the jobs he has done on the boat are incredibly well done."
Intrigue, SWE 9264
Aout, One Ton Cup, Marstrand (Suéde): ?e/27, ?
Comment & picture from Facebook 2020, Andre Braun "It's the one from 1985. I've sailed with it during 1990 to 1992. Did a lot of work with it during the update -91 and followed the boat since then. I have sailed with most of the Andrieu 1-tonnars as for some strange reason most of them ended up here in Sweden..."

1991 Sjaelland Rundt, Danemark, 232': DNS/10 IORttc, R. EDIN

1992 Sjaelland Rundt: 2e/5 IORttc, A. BRAUN

Pictures from Facebook 2021, "Intrigue (ex Indulgence, Andrieu -85)"

Gotland, S 9264
994 3 juillet, Gotland Runt, 425 NM: 10e/23 IMS 1, corrected time 54h52', ??

1995 2 juillet, Gotland Runt, 421 NM: 13e/26 IMS 1, corrected time 39h57'

1996 30 juin, Gotland Runt, 488 NM: 2e/14 IMS 1, corrected time 48h56'

Picture from Facebook 2021,

Reference, S 9264
997 14 juin, Sandhamn Open Race: 8e/8 IMS 1-2
28 juin, Gotland Runt: 15e/17 IMS 1

1998 13 juin, Sandhamn Open, 152 NM: 6e/10 IMS 1-2
28 juin, Gotland Runt, 407 NM: 14e/17 IMS 1, corrected time 60h07'

New owner, ??, comment from John Hägglöf, owner, received in 2019: "After that, the boat was bought by a guy in Karlshamn. He mostly used the boat for family sailing."

1999 New owner, Fredrik Helgesson, new flag: norwegian, based in Karlshamn Sweden
Indulgence, SWE 9264

Pictures and comment received from Fredrik (April 2020): "The banner Spirit was just a temporary sponsor.  We used the boat for local racing, some events and leisure. I had sailed with 1-tonners in the 80's and I liked the feeling (except spinnaker broaches...). Sold it when family demanded comfort..."

2008 New owner, Kristian Hertzberg, and new sponsor name,
Emballageteknik,SWE 9264

2009 1 juillet, Gotland Runt, 363 NM: 6e/52 LYS C
29 aout, Hyundai Cup, 28 NM: 27e/129 LYS

2010 7 juillet, Eurocard Gotland Runt, 311': 8e/52 SRS Bravo

2011 6 juillet, AF Gotland Runt': 20e/63 SRS Bravo, Kristian HERTZBERG
27 aout, Datacom Cup, 22':
6e/79 en 3h30'

Pictures from John Hägglöf

2014 New owner, John Hägglöf, and new name,
Blacken, SWE 9264

2015 1er Juillet, AF Offshore Race, 350 NM: 23e/54 SRS, John HÄGGLÖF
Picture from AF Offshore Race website,

Pictures from One Ton Class Facebook,

2016 Ulvoregattan: ?e/??

2017 SeaSea Gnäggen Race: 26e/46 Overall, John HÄGGLÖF
MittMedia Ulföskrinet: 7e/49 Overall

2018 Ulvoregattan: ?e/??, John HÄGGLÖF

2019 August, received information (in blue) and pictures from John Hägglöf

2020 Spring, new owner, Pelle Bergström
September, For Sale Tävlingsbåten " BLACKEN ", 215 000 kr, Fakta, Längd, 40 fot, Beskrivning, Mycket välseglande & välutrustad entonnare med fina segel SRS1,089. Båten är byggd i kolfiber/kevlar 1985 Konstruktör Daniel Andrieu. Båt, segel och utrustning har uppdaterats löpande under alla år. Inredd med gasolspis med ugn, kompressorkyld, eltoalett med septitank, färskvattentank 20 liter och varmvattenberedare. Dusch akterut i sittbrunnen, nya dynor , defekt värmare m.m. Båt, segel och utrustning har uppdaterats löpande under alla år.Genua 1 och storsegel Gransegel GLP14 kolfiberduk är i fint skick. Genua 2,3,4 Kevlar är äldre men i bra skick. Lättvindsspinnacker 0,5oz 110 m2 fint skick. Hårdvindspinnacker 1,5oz 88 m2 fint skick. Nexus instrument i sittbrunnenGarmin gnx 120 mastdisplayer. Vindmätare Garmin. AIS transponder & VHF. Lowrance elite plotter. Autopilot Raymarine ST2000. Ny Pioneer stereo med 4 högtalare. Ny el i hela båten. LED lampor. Landström 50ah laddare med 3 st 70 ah batterier. Volvopenta 1991 renoverad 2003 28 HK. Ankare samt fendrar och tampar. Båtvagn.