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Astra, US ?????
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19?? Plan Schiomachen, built by Morri & Para, Italy

Commissioned by Giovanni Caprioglio SDY
Picture from Facebook 2021, "Here is Astra, a Sciomachen 30.5 (photo from the Sciomachen architects website). Here she is leaving Italy to (but I could be wrong about the city) St. Diego for her launch. Astra is a wonderful strip planked contruction in wooden and carbon fiber by one of the most renowed italian shipyard. Could someone tell me something about her history and if she is still in good shape?"

1994 29 April, Yachting Cup, San Diego, California: 1er/20 PHRF II, Ernesto CORTE

Picture from One Ton Class Facebook 2014,

Pictures from Facebook 2021,