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Archon, NZL 5857
à jour au: 2022
1985 Plan Davidson, built by

1987 Wellington Gisbourne race: 2e/40 Overall

1988 Wellington Akoroa race: 3e/?? Overall

1992 Wellington Gisbourne race: 3e/?? Overall

1994 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December, Sydney Hobart Race: 146e/236, corrected time 3d08h59', R. TURNER

2004 New owner

200? Refit

2007 Seen on RNZYS New Zealand Yacht Register, Mr Tristan Ward

2022 Archon, one tonner Davidson 40 ex IOR for sale, Sailed the Sydney to Hobart 50th anniversary race and many others. I‘ve owned since 2004 and rebuilt Archon from the ground up.

This Laurie Davidson presents in great condition and now is ready for her new owner.
This vessel has an open plan saloon with plenty of room to move around comfortably and is great for entertaining friends and family whether it be for long weekends or extended trips visiting our beautiful Bays. There are 2 doubles aft, and 2 singles in Saloon, with one double forward. The self-tacker is great for single-handed sailing, reaching or upwind with no help needed in a tack or jibe, and then an easy Furl from the pit when you get to your destination. This Laurie Davidson is now set up for two-handed sailing but has been cat 3 and Cat 1 numerous times. The runners are no longer needed but are still in place for Cat 1. The rudder and housing were replaced, the rudder is a direct copy of the Volvo 70 ocean racer Sanya rudders which have increased the steering/ helm ability and the rudder is running on Jeffer self-aligning Teflon bearings. The change of rudder was overseen by Kevin Dibley yacht design who has worked closely with Laurie Davidson. Kevin also oversaw the change to swept spreaders on Archon when new chain plates were added. This is a must o see and deserves your inspection. $169,000