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Archangel, SA 535
à jour au: 2019
1979 Plan Lavranos, design #97, construit en bois en Afrique du Sud, gréément en tête (Mast head rig)

Same design: 2 others boats uncluding one with 7/8 mast...


1979 One Ton Cup, Newport USA: 6 - 1 - 5 = 3e/12, won the 125 miles offshore race, KUTTEL
"L'Année Bateaux 1979-1980":

Terry Lene, SA 535
1980 16 June, One Ton Cup, Naples: 18 - 17 - 21 - 25 - 15 = 17e/27
, ??

1982 South Atlantic Yacht Race, Cap Town-Punta Del Este: 3e/48
Rothmans Week: 2e/??

1983 Mainstay Week: 1er/??

1985 Rothmans Week: 3e/??

..."Remember doing an Agulhas Race on her in the late 80's. Untouchable in a breeze upwind and we had plenty of it"...

"During 1979 OTC", pictures from Internet 2014

2010 23 September, seen on Royal Cape Yacht Club Ratings, Keith Turner, Club rating: 1.080

2015 23 juillet, est basé dans la région de Cape Town,
July, received few information and picture below from Angelo Lavranos: "I think Archangel might be at Gordons Bay."

2016 For Sale Archangel, one of Angelo Lavranos's best designs. She is in need of cosmetic attention but is structurally sound. She has had some interior modifications done to improve comfort and these need finishing off. Price includes current mooring at Gordons Bay or sought after front marina at Royal Cape Yacht Club. Rands 300,000

2018 Février, Cap Town, photos reçues de Benjamin

2019 Janvier, Cap Town, photo reçue de Florent

22 February, Club Mykonos, Langebaan, seen on entrants list, Sibu Sizatu

2020 21 February, Club Mykonos, Langebaan, seen on entrants list, Sibu Sizatu

Comment from Facebook 2022 "Archangel [3rd at OTC -79} was donated by one of our fellow member Johan van der Westhuizen. The Lavranos 34 boat (Archangel) is a lovely boat to sail, powerful to windward and also competitive downwind. She will offer Academy students opportunity to take part in offshore sailing and enhance their Navigation skills."