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Mamie, US 27701
Last update: 1979
1975 Plan Carter,

1975 From Facebook 2023 "Mamie is mentioned no less than 11 times on this SA post, one example: Signature Nic G Apr 15 2011: "I am a little late to this thread - but I sailed thousands of miles on a Carter two tonner sailed out of Marina del Rey in the 70's. Mamie was launched just before the 1975 Transpac by Milt Smith who had campained numerous Mamie's prior to this one. The boat arrived weeks before the start and was fitted out by her crew and others with hours to spare. I recall the TPYC changed the eligibility rules that required cdrtain "sail-by" dates to avoid these last minute christenings. Mamie went on to win Class C (?) and was second overall to Chutzpa."
Transpac Race, elapsed time 12d06h37': 1st/19 Div C and 2nd/65 Overall, Milt SMITH
"I used my saved up paper route money for a one-way ticket to Honolulu at 16 in order to find a ride back to California. I happened by Mamie on Transpac Row and met Milt who needed crew That should have been no surprise after looking around down below! She barely had an interior - 4 bunks, two pipe berths and curtain around the engine. After 21 days of upwind work in 25+ with old delivery sails we arrived in Santa Barbara."

1977 Transpac Race, elapsed time 12d07h16': 2e/14 Div C and 23e/53 Overall, Milt SMITH

1979 Transpac Race, elapsed time 15d21h26': 5e/21 Div C and 19e/76 Overall, Milt SMITH
From Facebook 2023 "I went on to sail the '77 & '79 Transpac's on Mamie doing one more return trip in '79 as well as 7 or 8 Mexican races and countless overnights out of MDR. She was a great light air boat - but not so good in the breeze. Although she was a handfull off the wind, she would beat a Cal 40 if sailed well."

Pictures from Facebook 2022,