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2 Frers Two Tonners: "Yeoman XXVI" & "Jennie M":


Yeoman XXVI, K 714
à jour au: 2023
1986 Plan Frers built by ??, Two Tonner 45 ft.


Yeoman boats list

Picture from Facebook 2023,

Comment from "tadts" 2013: "Yeoman XXVI was designed by German Frers for the 1985 Admirals Cup(!!??). She was not a 2 Tonner; this level rating class was for boats with an IOR rating of 32.0ft, Yeoman was larger than this."

1986 August, Cowes Week: ?e/??

1987 August, Cowes Week: ?e/??

 Pictures from,

1989 Juin "Régate",

19?? New owner and new name,

1999 New owner

2009 New owner and new Dutch flag

Picture from Sailing Anarchy Forum 2011,


Same boat ???

Loyal & Awsome,
20?? New owner,

2023 August, from Facebook,

Jennie M, ? ????
à jour au:
198? Plan Frers built by ??, Two Tonner 45 ft.