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Recession, US ????
à jour au: 2023
1981 Plan Holland #089, build by Kiwi Florida

From Facebook 2023, "Built by Kiwi boats and finished in a hurry. They put the keel on slightly askew! She did SORC before being sailed across the pond to via Bermuda by David Bongers and a few others."

1981 SORC: ?e/?? Class C, John HOGAN
Chartered by Irish team ,
Wooly Jumper, IR 1727
July "Seahorse",

August, Admiral's Cup, Cowes: ?e/48, Irish Team: 4e/16, rating 31.4', D. GAYE / D. WALSH
Picture from Facebook 2023,

"I brought her back to The Solent after the Fastnet in 81. She was chartered by the Irish from John Hogan. The owner of Wild Goose was part of the syndicate that chartered her if I remember correctly."

1982 "she repainted, had the keel straightened and in the British team along with Dragon and Yeoman for the Sardinia Cup. David Bongers ran the boat for John Hogan. Her battle flag was a kangaroo mounting a sheep."
September, Sardinia Cup, Porto Cervo: ?e/??, David BONGERS

???? New owner and renamed & "I think and keel chord increased".

2023 From Facebook, "Still around sold recently in New Zealand"