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Wings, US 8986
Last Update: 2018
1979 Plan Peterson, Serendipity 43 #01 built by New Orleans Marine

1979 May, "Latitude 38",

The Buckner Cup: ?e/??
Waterhouse Race: ?e/??
June, "Latitude 38",

July, Tranpac Race, San Francisco-Hawaï, corrected time 11d23h50': 2e/20 Class C
Big Boat Series, San Francisco: ?e/??

1980 Duxbury-Lightship Ocean Race: 1st/??, Roger HALL
September, Big Boat Series, San Francisco: 5e/15 Division 5 (KKP)
November "Latitude 38",

1981 Stone Cup, 28 NM: 1st/? IOR A, Roger HALL/Peter STOCKER
September, Big Boat Series, San Francisco: 11 - 3 - 9 - 7 - 11 = 8e/15 Division KKP

1983 11 September, Big Boat Series, San Francisco: ?e/14 Division KK, rating: 32.7', Roger HALL

1984 19 May, Frank Stone Cup Regatta: 3 - 2 - 4 = 4e/? Div. A, HALL
14 September, Big Boat Series, San Francisco: ?e/20 Division KK, rating: 32.7'

199? New owners, Fred Roswold and Judy Jensen.

1997 In Mexico

2003 In Papua New Guinea

2007 December, Kings Cup Regatta, Thailand: ?e/??

2008 May, "Wings (sail #8986) is an actively-raced Serendipity 43. Fred has been sailing Wings for over 20 years, and logged over 20,000 cruising miles!!! Wings is currently taking part in the Phuket (Thailand) racing scene"

2009 Johore Straits-Raffles Passage Race: ?e/??
28 February, "We've since replaced this #3 jib with a new one, but otherwise this is how Wings looks these days when in racing mode. This shot is from a great day sailing, a bit short handed, in Johore Straits in a local race in Singapore. We are cracked off in this shot as we overstood our approach to the leeward turning mark but still leading. Next we had a 5 mile beat to Malaysia's outer mark straight to weather in this shot. We played the shifts and had a great day, and we won."

2016 17 January, Wings still racing, in Mexico

2018 Pictures from Facebook, "Fred Roswold, SV Wings, Mexico"