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3 Peterson "Williwaw":


Williwaw, US 21776
à jour au: 1984
1975 Plan Peterson, built by Sparcraft in aluminium


1976 February, SORC, Miami: 1er/??, SCHOTT
Onion Patch: 1er/??
September, Two Ton Cup, Kiel: 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 = 1er/9,
Photos Patrice Carpentier, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

Aout "Régate",

Picture from Facebook 2020, "Anita and Williwaw, 1976 2 Ton Cup, Kiel".

December 76 - January 77 "Offshore",

Pinta, G 217
North Sea race: 2e/13 Adm
Aout "Régate",

August, Admiral's Cup: 8e/57, German Team: 4e/19, rating 32.0', W. ILLBRUCK
"Offshore Sydney Hobart Race Program",

26 December, Sydney-Hobart Race: 11e/137, elapsed time 4d20h17', TCF 8218
Picture and comment from Facebook 2022 "The 41’ Doug Peterson designed, PINTA, and the 37’, Bruce Farr designed JENNY H, 1977 Sydney Hobart / Southern Cross Series, Sydney Harbour"

Pinta, B 217
12 July, Two Ton Cup, Cowes: 12e/19, rating 32.0'
August, Admiral's Cup: ?e/??, Belgian Team: 14e/19, W. ILLBRUCK
New owner, Dirk Nauta, and new name
Prodent, H ???

1980 12 March, Spice Race Djakarta-Rotterdam: ?e/??, Dirk NAUTA
Comment from Facebook 2022 "Prodent lost her mast at the West African coast. Most probably at the stopover in Capetown somebody from the yard damaged one of the Rod stays. Prodent was picked-up at sea by a Nedlloyd container vessel."

1982 May, Bicentenial Rotterdam - New York race, elapsed time 23d??h: 1st/10, Dirk NAUTA
Comment and pictures from Facebook 2022 "Today, exactly 40 years ago sailing yacht Prodent started in the Bicentenial Rotterdam - New York race. A crew of seven was on board. Skipper/owner Dirk NautaBert Visser, Godert Wieringa, Eelco Piena, Adriaan Hagdorn, Hans Hillige and Vincent de Vries. Prodent a Doug Peterson designed Two Tonner, built in 1975 as Williwaw, later Pinta and bought by Dirk Nauta for the Spice Race Djakarta - Rotterdam. The start was at Hook of Holland at 12:00 hours. Ten yachts were participating in the race. Prodent was one of the smaller yachts. The start was in light westerly winds. The windspeed increased the following days. The wind remained being westerly. Prodent did well the first days and entered the Ocean at Land's End as second yacht. The 10 ft larger Stad Rotterdam was the first yacht. Prodent choose the shorter northerly route. The other yachts went more south. After 23 days at the ocean (21 days upwind), having survived heavy westerly storms, been in the surrounding of icebergs, the crew: being in wet clothes all the time, sleeping in wet sleepingbags, being on deck without any shelter, Prodent finished at Ambrose light Platform at the entrance of the port of New York in the middle of the night. Prodent was the second yacht at the finish. Prodent won the race on rating, 1 hour and 54 minutes ahead of Stad Rotterdam. The other yachts were far behind. After having been at Larchmont Marina for 5 weeks, Prodent and crew sailed back to Rotterdam."

1983 or 84 Sold

???? Sank

Comment from Facebook 2022 "To our knowledge decades ago Prodent was used for drugs trade. She was being sunk at the Moroccan coast. Divers did their job!! It was a great yacht. Very fast upwind. Dirk Nauta sold her in 1983 or '84."

Williwaw (2), US 22500
à jour au:
1978 Plan Peterson #78, built by Minnefords in aluminium, 46'

Not build as Two Tonners


1978 Owner, S. Sinett
September, Sardinia Cup: ?e/??
Picture from Facebook 2023,

1979 February, SORC, Miami: 1er/??, ??
"Bateaux" Septembre,

August, Admiral's Cup: ?e/57, US Team: 2e/19, rating 35.8', Dennis CONNER
Picture from Facebook 2023 "Williwaw and Apollo IV",

New owner and new name,
The Big Greek Machine, ?? ?????

Greek magazine 2020/2021,

Picture from Facebook 2020,

New owner and new name,
Sympan, ?? ?????

2022 Lying in Greece, Picture from Facebook,

2023 September, from Facebook,

Williwaw (3), US ?????
à jour au:
1980 Plan Peterson, LOA 48', built by ?

Not build as Two Tonners

1981 February, SORC, Miami: DSQ, ??
From Facebook 2023 "The third Williwaw was designed and built for the 1981 Admiral's Cup and made her racing debut at the 1981 S.O.R.C. but was found to be out of rating and her owner disqualified for three years.. "

Picture from Facebook 2020, noted as "Williwaw 1st TTC 1976"?!!? Seems to be the third Williwaw!