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Will O The Wisp, ? ????
à jour au: 2019
19?? Plan Peterson, build by Jesperson Boat Builders


1981 Pacific International Ton Championship (PITCH): 3rd/? Two Ton

1982 Victoria – Maui: 1st/?? Div 2
LA - Mazatlan: 3rd/? Class C

???? New owner and new name,
??, ?? ?????

???? New owner and new name,
Will O The Wisp, CAN 29647

2010 Significantly modified with design by naval architect Alan Andrews

2019 For Sale $98,000 · 41' Jespersen Peterson / Andrews 2 Ton Racer "Will O The Wisp" - This is a well known Davidson 2 Tonner built by Jesperson Boat Builders. This classic racer was refit and significantly modified with design by naval architect Alan Andrews in 2010. The deep torpeedo bulb keel, deep balanced rudder, and high aspect carbon rig were key features of the redesign. Since 2010 this vessel has been actively sailed in Pacific North West racing events with a PHRF of 45. This is a spacious open boat on deck and down below. The ample deck hardware is Harken and is practically set up to sail and race. This vessel currently has crew bunks for up to six with plenty of space to add more or create your own interior. The Yanmar diesel was installed new during the refit. This is a unique opportunity to purchase a renewed Pacific North West classic at an incredible price. If you are looking for a boat that is all about the sailing, then this boat should be at the top of your list. Contact Shawn at our Port Sidney Marina office

Spent a couple of years racing Wisp after is was sold down to Seattle to join a great group of 2-tonners. Loaded up with too many talented egos and wallet pressure and reached the no-fun zone. The owner walked away and turned to pastry baking as a hobby. Very tasty morsels.

2022 Comments from Facebook "Sold back to Canada, went back to its original name Will o' the Wisp and haven't seen it in a long time."
"Heavily modified with deep bulb keel designed I believe by Andrews - as well as much taller frac rig with MH kites. Would rate nowhere near 2 Ton if IOR were still around.
This 2019 ad shows an asking price of CAD 98k. Originally listed at about 2x that. Looks to have been well maintained back then
"Wisp wasn't the most distorted IOR hull, but when we pushed it to its limit - just almost 12 knots - with a great driver, it had a bow wave above the stanchions and was towing most of the sound behind it. So I'm not sure what all those mods would do for it in terms of additional breakaway speed. Although it looks speedy in that pic, with very little IOR waterline trough."
"The Peterson 42, Will O the Wisp showing exactly how an IRC conversion of an IOR boat should look like. A change from the original masthead rig to a taller fractional set up utilising masthead spinnakers and A sails.
No need to go to the expense and complexity of moving the mast or rigging. With modern sail materials there are unlikely to be balance issues with moving the centre of effort of the sails backwards, but a larger, deeper rudder and changes to the keel can offset any issues. Of course, if the budget and internal structure allow for it, there are clearly benefits of sweeping the spreaders aft so you can dispense with the runners. I would always consider, as they have done here, keeping the shrouds inboard so you maintain the option of switching from non overlap to overlapping jibs. This is an easy way of re optimising for predominantly light airs or heavier airs without having to make rig changes.
41' Jespersen Peterson / Andrews 2 Ton Racer "Will O The Wisp