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Tabasco, US
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197? Plan Holland built by


1979 SORC, Florida: ?e/??
Picture from Facebook 2023,

1984 On Lake Michigan, picture from Facebook,

Comment from Facebook 2023:

"In the late 70's early 80's there was a Holland 2 tonner sailing on the east coast circuit named "Tabasco". She would race the Annapolis Fall Series on her way south for the SORC. Painted bright red and built in aluminum. Any ideas what happened to her???"

"Tabasco was in Chicago for a number of years, owned by Don Wittenberg. Maybe 1981-1984 or so? Had a near sister named Spring Fever (owned by Gene Kinney) there also."

"Both Tabasco and Signature (up thread a bit) spent some time on Lake Michigan, probably late 80’s into early 90’s. The owner of a First 42 I raced on back then bought a Kevlar genny from Signature we used a couple times as a #2. Kept us tracking up the rhumb one Mac during a frontal passage that had a lot of the fleet running off. Good times"