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Recluta II, III, IV and V:


Recluta II, A ???
à jour au: 1981
19?? Plan Frers, fiberglass hull and plywood deck, (2 sister ships were Fjord VI and Red Rock II).

1971 Cherbourg-Solent: 2e/?? Classe II
Cowes Dinard, elapsed time 26h52': 5e/20 Classe II, C.A. CORNA
August, Admiral's Cup: 15e/41, Argentina Team: 4e/16, Rating 32.6'

Picture from Eduardo 2021

197? New owner and new name:
Aries, BL 321

1981 Regata Santos-Rio: ?e/??, João ZARIF
From Facebook 2021 "Veleiro "Aries"- João Zarif (Frers 43'- anterior "Recluta II"- Carlos Corna). Essa foto foi por mim tomada na partida da Regata Santos-Rio, porém, não me recordo se foi de 1980, ou 81 (a revelação pode ter sido posterior)."

Recluta III, A 123
à jour au: 1979
1973 Plan Frers, 48.4ft IOR sloop built by Sarmiento


1973 3 August, Admiral's Cup: 8 - 3 - 11 - Fastnet Race 2 = 2e/??, Argentina Team: 6e/16, Rating 37.0', Carlos CORNA
Fastnet Race: 2e/69 Classe 1 corrected time 105h38'
Pictures from Facebook 2021,

1974 Buenos Aires/Rio Race: 1st/?? IOR
Newport/Bermuda Race: 1st/?? in Class

1979 Newport/Bermuda Race: 1st/?? Dupont Trophy

Recluta IV, A 10
à jour au:
19?? Plan ??, built by Mr Julio Baquerisas, Talleres Aldo in Merlo, Buenos Aires, Arg, in aluminium


In the picture from left to right are Pepe Gonzales, German Frers, Julio Baquerizas and Martin Achaval.

1977 August, Admiral's Cup: 20e/57, Argentina Team: 10e/19, Rating ?', Carlos CORNA

Recluta V, A ??
à jour au:
19?? Plan Frers, built by ??, 32.5ft IOR

1982 Sardinia Cup, Porto Cervo: ?e/57, Argentine Team: ?e/19