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Moonshadow, KA B 51
à jour au: 2017
1978? Plan Holland, built by ? in Melbourne


"Offshore Sydney Hobart Race Program",

26 December, Sydney Hobart: DNF, John TAYLOR

1979 "Offshore Sydney Hobart Race Program",

Southern Cross Cup: 8 - 5 - 8 - dnf = 16e/33, Victoria team: 4e/11
Including, 26
December, Sydney Hobart: DNF, John TAYLOR

???? New owner and new name,
Christal Shooter,

Signature Great Red Shark May 31 2017 at SA: "Speaking of old Ron Holland-designed warhorses, Here is the old "Moonshadow" - ( Now "Crystal Shooter" or somesuch) and IMP-generation two tonner that was campaigned here in Hawaii and then donated to the UH Sailing Team, where upon we cruised it to Maui every chance we got, it sold" "it wound up in Planet Guam, sat for another decade or so, and had recently been returned to the living, so my sources tell me."